It’s time to bust out the Orchestra because it’s Classical night on Dancing with the Stars.  Also, in addition to individual performances, there will be a second round of “team dances,” so let’s get to it!

Katherine & Mark: If anyone should do well during Classical night, it’s Katherine and she doesn’t disappoint with her Rumba.  However Ballas’ “cape with no shirt” getup is disturbing -I think it’s the only time I’ve ever wished for someone to be more spray tanned. Len calls it “a classic Rumba” and Bruno calls her “the unattainable object of desire,” but he wanted it a “little raunchier.”  Carrie Ann thinks they “could have generated a little more chemistry” but still “loves her lines.”  Individual: 27, Total Score: 54.

Melissa & Maks:  With Maks’s ankle injury, Melissa had to cope with a week of rehearsals with both Maks and his brother Val (in case Maks couldn’t perform).  Luckily Maks is a real trooper (control freak) and he shows up for their Argentine Tango.  However, dancing the Argentine Tango to classical music isn’t easy and the dance seems frantic and just a tad sloppy (and there’s also a scary prop manikin.  Bruno commends her on “trying to navigate the tempo of Mozart,” but says, “it got messy.”  Carrie Ann calls it “Cirque de Soleil gone wrong” and  Len says, “It was full on but it just lacked a little bit of dance quality.”  Individual: 21, Total Score: 47.

William & Cheryl: Despite William’s weak ankle, Cheryl is cracking the whip during rehearsals for their Viennese Waltz (Side note: This week should be called “Ankle Weak”- get it?).  You know what they say? If you have a bum ankle, pump the fog onto the ballroom floor and make the majority of the Latin hottie’s footwork impossible to see (Maks you should really take note).  However, the judges’ love it and Carrie Ann says, “That is true dancing.”  Len says, “I wasn’t quite transported to Vienna, but I was in Austria.”  Bruno says, “That was so touching, it was beautiful.”  Individual: 27, Total Score: 53.

Roshon & Chelsie: Determined to not be in the dance duel again, Roshon is working extra hard on his Argentine Tango, and thid means getting lessons on “how to be a man” from Val (which is embarrassing).  However the skinny Disney star impresses with a strong dance.  Len calls it “clean and confident” and Bruno says, “Size isn’t everything.”  Carrie Ann gives him a hug and “welcomes him back to the competition.”  Individual: 25, Total Score: 52.

Donald & Peta: Donald wants triple tens and he’s going to do his best to get them with his Viennese Waltz.  Donald and Peta dance a stunning routine that brings the ballroom to their feet.  Bruno says, “I loved it” and Carrie Ann “loves the regal quality.”  Len says, “I thought it was terrific.  Your footwork was spot on.”  Individual: 27, Total Score: 53.

Maria & Derek: Even though I can’t stand Maria, Derek was a real jerk to her during rehearsals this week, demanding that she “be attractive.”  Derek, do you want to know what’s not attractive?  Your bare chest in that mini cropped Paso Doble jacket.  GIRL POWER!  Maria channels her rage towards Derek into her Paso Doble and the result is a crisp, powerful dance, equipped with vampire fangs.  Carrie Ann attempts a joke and says, “That didn’t suck” and Len says, “Sharp as a razor, crisp as a Pringles, and more tension than my grandmothers knicker elastic.  You lived it and I loved it.  Fantastic.”  Bruno says, “The queen of the damned, is the queen of the night!”  Individual: 30, Total Score: 57.  Sorry Donald.  Maria stole your perfect 30. Jaleel & Kym: Kym is trying her best to like Jaleel and gives him a stuffed Koala bear to congratulate him on his high scores from last week.  The best part about their Viennese Waltz is that they’re dancing to the theme from Downton Abbey.  Len feels the same way and says, “I liked it enough to not be cruel, but I didn’t like it enough to be kind.” Bruno says, “As a story, it was very nice.”  Carrie Ann feels the same way and says, “The storytelling was excellent.”  Individual: 24, Total Score: 51.

Team Tango-Katherine, Maria, Jaleel & Roshon: There may be a lot of F-bombs in the Team Tango’s rehearsal room, but they channel that passion onto the ballroom floor and deliver a sharp Tango, with dynamic formations, and even some prop violins.  Len is in a bad mood calls it, “A mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly.”  However, Bruno calls “the patterns excellent” and Carrie Ann loves it and “doesn’t know what Len is talking about.”  Judges’ Score: 27. Team Paso Doble – William, Melissa, & Donald: During Team Paso’s rehearsal, there’s some conflict over whether the men will go shirtless during the routine.  Ultimately, Team Paso does their best to stomp  around (shirtless), while fire blazes on the stage.  Honestly it looked like a Chippendales performance, but Bruno loves it and Carrie Ann can’t get a grip, so any comments she has are basically useless.  However, Len says, “It was fire and ice.  Hot in the performance. Cold in the execution.”   Judges’ Score: 26.

Anything is possible, but Melissa and Jaleel will most likely be dance dueling it out during the results show.