It’s the finals on Dancing with the Stars and that means one thing- the freestyle!  Each of the three remaining couples will also have to perform a new routine in the style of dance the judges think they need the most improvement on.

William & Cheryl:  William needs to improve on his Cha Cha and he does just that (for the most part).  However the cover of P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass” is absolutely terrible (even more so than usual).  Len says, “That’s as good as I’ve ever seen in 14 seasons of Cha Cha.”  Bruno says, “You’re hip action leaves me green with envy” and Carrie Ann says, “You have grown miles and that’s what the show’s about.”  Judges’ Score: 30.

I’ve never been to Chippendales, but I’m assuming it’s a lot like William’s freestyle routine.  I’m not buying it right now, but I’m sure the middle-aged ladies are and I probably will be in 20 years when I’m watching season 34 on my couch.  Len says, “I liked it, the lifts, the changes in rhythm, but for me it was too predictable. All you do is shake your butt and get the woman screaming.  I wanted more, I wanted to see something different…”  Bruno says, “You were like two devils released upon the earth into a Latin extravaganza” and Carrie Ann does the robot, which I guess means she likes it?  Judges’ Score: 29, Total Score: 59.

Katherine & Mark: Katherine improves on her Paso Doble and honestly it’s impossible to tell who is the pro dancer , she’s that good.  The only weird part is how long she stays on the floor after the dance is over. Bruno says, “That was a Paso Doble full of vivid, lush, lustrous artistry…technical brilliance.”  Carrie Ann says, “It’s like watching a prima ballerina.”  Len calls it “fabulous.”  Judges’ Score: 30.

Maybe it’s because I love the roaring 20s, but I enjoyed Katherine’s freestyle and Mark Ballas’s cheesy production input this time.  In terms of content, they didn’t leave anything out. Bruno says, “I have never seen so much content so fast, so well executed.  You were on the money all the way through.”  Carrie Ann says, “You can do anything and that was the dance of a champion.”  Len says, “This is a freestyle.” Judges’ Score:  30, Total Score: 60.

Donald & Peta: Donald has to redo his Argentine Tango and try to impress Len.  Donald delivers a great routine, however Len is a stickler when it comes to the Argentine Tango and it falls a little short for him. Also falling short in content,  is Peta’s costume, which each week continues to cover less and less. Thanks Producers for taking a shot of Donald’s wife after every single routine.  The poor woman’s face must hurt from “smiling” so hard.  Carrie Ann says, “I loved it the first time and I loved it the second time.”  Len says, “I felt there was far more content…but for me it was a tad careful.”  Judges’ Score: 29.

For what Donald lacks in technique, he makes up in pure showmanship.  His cowboy / Green Bay Packers themed freestyle, which admittedly was inspired from Cheryl and Drew Lachey’s winning season 2 routine, steals the night.  Carrie Ann calls it, “her favorite dance of the night.”  Len says, “Now in football catches win matches, and chances win dances.”  Bruno says, “I can’t resist a ride in the wild wild west, and as ride’s goes this was a country inspired triumph.”  Donald finally gets a 10 from Len.  Judges’ Score: 30, Total Score: 59.

Tomorrow night the couples will each have to dance one more routine, but at this point, can Katherine or William get enough votes to beat Donald’s memorable freestyle?