It’s the semifinals on Dancing with the Stars and each of the four remaining couples attempt to dance their way into the finals, so let’s get to it!

William & Cheryl:  Up first is their Tango and let me just say, I kind of can’t believe this guy is still here.  The dance is okay, nothing special, but the ballroom is on their feet because he’s hot.  Len says, “Overall it’s terrific.” and Bruno calls him “the Master of the House” and of course LOVES it.  Carrie Ann doesn’t like his “shanay turns.”  Okay Carrie Ann, we get it you’re a dancer.  Judges’ Score: 28.

 For their Samba, William opts for some white pants and a lot of bongo drums.  Again the ballroom is on their feet and Carrie Ann and Bruno can’t contain themselves.  Len says, “I’ve never looked at a mans bum for so long in my entire life.”  Judges’ Score: 30, Total Score: 58.

Katherine & Mark: Up first is their Quickstep and it starts in a cage (again), but is still somehow a Roaring 20s themed dance.  The dance is great, besides a few missteps and some unfortunate finger pistols.  Bruno calls it “Outstanding!”  After emotionally abusing her, Carrie Ann thinks she “bought her A-plus game.”  Len says, “Overall, what a fabulous number.” Judges’ Score: 29.

Katherine’s Belly dancing themed Samba is flawless up until the very end, when she has a little slip that leaves her looking devastated.  Carrie Ann says, “It’s like you hung out with Beyonce over the weekend” and Len calls her “Katherine the great!”  Bruno tells her to “not beat herself up over” the little fall and that “up until that point it was amazing.”  It appears her she pulled her lower back out and hopefully this will get her some sympathy votes – she got three from me.  Judges’ Score: 27, Total Score: 56.

Donald & Peta: Bust out the fog machine because their Waltz is first.  Donald holds his own and definitely brings a lot of emotion to the dance floor.  Carrie Ann points out all the “little missteps.”  Len calls it “absolutely charming” and Bruno says, “You were extremely light on your feet and you extended you lines better than ever.” Judges Score: 28.

Donald’s Samba put’s an unconventional Wall Street twist on the Brazilian dance, but it works.  Len says, “Bottom line, I liked it.”  Bruno says, “You took a big risk and you won.”  Carrie Ann calls it “A-plus game.”  Judges’ Score: 29, Total Score: 57

Derek & Maria: Derek throws a water bottle in rehearsal but they still manage to dance a great Argentine Tango (although in my opinion her leg work was a little weak).  Bruno and Len love it and Carrie Ann “is so proud of her.”  Of course Maria can’t stop crying. Judges’ Score: 30.

Maria dances a Jive to the most annoying song ever, but she still manages to turn out a decent performance, mostly filled with Derek showboating.  Bruno says it “shouldn’t have worked but it did.”  Carrie Ann calls it “another stunner” and Len “liked it.”   Judges’ Score: 29, Total Score: 59.

So who is going to make it to the Finals?  I hope Katherine and Donald, but based on the night’s performances, one of them may be sent packing.