Seth MacFarlane has done it again with the amazing season finale of Family Guy.  With this two part one hour special event nothing went wrong, except for Peter getting into a few mishaps and messing things up. But, it wouldn’t be Family Guy without it.

In the first part of this one hour special the episode begins with the famous Brian and Stewie being the great duo that they are. They are acting stupendous, brilliantly. They are reading fan mail sent to them to answer a few questions. One of the questions being what their show is based on. Stewie answers with The Simpsons (one of Family Guy’s rival shows), then Brian answers with the British version of The Office. This takes us to wonderful Britain where we see the Griffin family with croquet teeth, British accents (except for Stewie) and a horse for a pet instead of a dog.

The quirky perks of Family Guy doesn’t end there, it continues on with Peter Griffin being appalled that the great Robin Williams isn’t being given the respect and attention deserved when he was being roasted on television. Peter being overdramatic, storms out of the house yelling at the sky demanding and wishing that everyone should be like Robin Williams, and with that he is struck by lightning.

The next morning Peter gets what he wishes for, and much like the chocolate touch, every person he touches turns into Robins Williams. Unaware of his “powers” up until he goes to the quahog hospital, he wakes up wondering what happened to him. When his doctor comes in to visit him, Peter touches him and he turns into Robin Williams. He then gives the nurse a touch and she also turns into Robin Williams. For Peter this is like a kid in a candy store for the first time and he makes sure to take full advantage on the matter. He begins to run around and give everyone his magic touch causing majority of the staff in the hospital to turn into the famous Robin Williams.

The life of Peter Griffin has turned into a real life comedy and there is nothing he could do to stop it; literally. When he goes home to share his gift with his family, he ends up turning Meg and Chris into Williams as well. This is taken lightly and laughed off by Peter. Things start to get serious when he wakes up in the morning and sees that he has turned Lois into Robin Williams too, then when he goes to ask Brian for help he is turned as well. Naturally, he runs into the street (seeing how much good that did for him the first time) and we see that every single resident has turned into Robin Williams. Now, what does a man do when he is driven to his last standing in life when there is no one to turn to?

Well, for Peter Griffin he grants them their freedom and lets them all roam free. All except for five of the members of his group of Williams. He keeps them and recreates his family by dressing them up like his wife, son, daughter, dog and of course there is Stewie. That was a great way to end the immense suffering he had to evoke. And to put the cherry on top he decides to cut off his hands to never have to worry about another touch again.

The third act to the first part of the season finale was done very differently and really helps us get into the head of Stewie Griffin; literally. The whole scenario is from the point of view (POV) of the baby and his routines throughout the day. His diaper being changed, being given a bath, pulls a practical joke on Brian before he goes out for a drive, by putting a Twinkie in the exhaust pipe which does a take back and hits him on the face. Right after he goes back through time and tells Kurt Coban to not kill himself, but instead indulges in as much food as he possibly can.

They say you can’t change history, but with Stewie Griffin anything is possible. Throughout his day one of his challenges is to change the life of a great star and he did it. When night falls for him, he is being put to bed when his drunken dad comes into his room hinting for sex from his wife. Of course, to a baby banging in the next room and moaning is nothing more than a couple of people chopping down some trees. And for Stewie Griffin that is exactly how his night ends. With the image of his parents chopping down trees in the forest when in reality they are banging the night away.

It wouldn’t be Family Guy if there wasn’t a jump from the day of the life of Stewie Griffin to a drug bust in Quahog. That’s right the famous Joe Swanson is being awarded for catching a bust in the small town of Quahog. For the town to show their compassion for his hard work he is given a party. All his friends are there except for his wife who has been distant with him for quite some time already. Imagine that a dent in the marriage of Joe and Bonnie, the two most perfect people together. However, there is trouble in paradise when a new girl on the squad ends up kissing Joe not knowing that he is married. Naturally, Joe then goes to Quagmire and Peter for help.

Remember when I stated that Peter ends up having a few mishaps along the way? Well, this is one to top it all when he tells Joe to cheat on his wife because Joe’s wife had cheated on him when she went to Paris. Joe takes his best friends advice and goes in for the kill, and does it ever turn into a kill. When Bonnie finds out about him cheating, all hell is let loose, the truth comes out that she never cheated and in front of the whole town they claim they want a divorce. Of course, Peter tries to help so he sets it up with Lois to try and get them back together again.

Now, Joe first met Bonnie at a strip club and she was the stripper. Bonnie goes out to lunch with Lois at the same strip club, Peter pages Joe to come to the strip club to break up the dancer who decided to go with another man and with that Bonnie and Joe see each other again and make up.

Yeah, the second part to the season finale wasn’t as upbeat as the first, but Family Guy is known to have its random moments, flash backs and of course the Peter mishaps. These episodes fulfilled all of its requirements and much more by again bringing laughter to millions around the world. What will next season have in store for us? With Family Guy you honestly never really know what is to come.