It’s time for another episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to celebrate Memorial Day.  What’s more American than this?  Tonight’s episode is all about Kim wearing wigs, so get ready for an hour of that.

Kris is stressed out and is “late for three meetings.”  She goes to the “Jenner Communications” offices (yes that’s what it says on the door) and sits with her business associate Noelle Keshishian, whose name is not a joke.  Like really? Kris is so busy she “can’t even get a pap smear.”  However, she won’t let an assistant do her Costco run for her because “it’s her favorite thing in the world to do.”  Kris you’re not fooling anyone, we know you have a private chef.

Kim talks with Khloe on the phone about her “stressful attorney” meeting over her “stressful” and “draining” divorce.  Kim just wants to put “that chapter in her life ” that made her millions “behind her,” and ex husband Kris does not want to make it easy, which makes me like him.  Khloe advises her to “not dwell on it” and says, “ You just gotta do some silly and outrageous, like kooky things that will take your mind off of this kind of stuff.”  Oh god, here comes the wigs.

Khloe is visiting LA for only 24 hours and they all have a family dinner at Kim’s house.  Kris is distracted and angry because she doesn’t have phone service and Khloe is upset that she’s not spending time with her while she’s there.  She leaves early and they’re all “upset” that Kris is so distracted all the time.  Then they dry their tears with 100-dollar bills.

Rob needs to go house hunting and Kris is busy so Bruce steps in and says he’ll go. Rob doesn’t really want Bruce’s help because let’s face it, Bruce will be more realistic and Kris will have him buying a 6,000 square foot house.

Kris meets with Babyface about the new “music management company” they’re putting together.  God this woman is unbelievable.  However this meeting causes her to miss another dinner with her family and Kendall and Kylie pretend to be upset.

Rob brings Kourtney to look at the first house and Bruce shows up after they’ve already seen it.  Bruce is upset they didn’t wait for him and he wonders if “ Rob doesn’t trust his opinion.”  Meanwhile Kourtney and Rob talk in the car and Rob says, “I just do not value his opinion when it comes to houses and certain things…It’s just so hard to relate to Bruce.  He’s like the hardest guy to relate to in the world.”

Kim is inspired by Khloe’s advice and decides to be “kooky” and buy some wigs.  When she meets Rob to go house hunting, she’s wearing a blond wig and talking with a southern accent.  Rob refuses to let her go unless she “takes off the wig and puts on jeans and flats.”  Okay I agree with you Rob, but it’s a little creepy how you picked out an exact outfit for her.

Next Kim puts on a red wig, talks like a tranny and calls herself Natasha.  She goes to Kourtney and Scott’s house and terrorizes Mason.  Scott sums it up and says “This is uncomfortable…this family is really going downhill quick.  That’s not normal behavior.”

Again, Bruce tries to help Rob look for houses and warns him that his mom and sisters aren’t always the best when it comes to spending money wisely.  Bruce even prints out listings for Rob, but Rob isn’t having it and acts like a jerk.  Rob says, “I have professional realtors that I trust, looking into this stuff” and he leaves to go look at houses without Bruce

Kris needs Kim to sign documents for the attorney and has to drive them to her, all the way in the city.  On her way out she sees Bruce drinking a smoothie right out of the blender container and Kris loses it.  Kris says, “You are going to make me psychotic” and Bruce says, “You already are psychotic.”

Another family dinner at Kourtney’s and when everyone asks Rob about his house search, he says, “ I just feel like most of my friends, they ask their Dad’s for opinions on decision like this.  I feel like I don’t have anyone to kind of lean on to get advice from.” Rob leaves and when Bruce tries to talk to Kris about how much he’s hurt that Rob doesn’t view him “as a male figure” in his life, Kris is distracted on her blackberry.

Kim’s “kooky” phase continues and she goes to lunch with Kendall and Kyle in a wig that makes her look exactly like Kris, doing a Kris impression.  Kendall and Kylie shut it down and say, “What are you doing? This is weird.”

Kourtney and Kendall make Kris give up her phones for the day and just put on a sweat suit and relax.  They also invite her friends over and they all have a drink.  Kourtney invites Kim over, who is wearing a blonde wig.  When everyone says how worried they are about her, Kim says, “It was just time for me to stop taking everything so seriously.  Why not? Who really cares?”  This entire thing makes absolutely no sense.  Then again, why am I even surprised? makes absolutely no sense Kim.

When Kris finally puts her phone back on, she has 300 emails, but she realizes since she has an entire staff of people everything is taken care of.  Kourtney points out that she needs to stop being a control freak and pay attention to her family.  Then she reminds Kris how hurt Bruce was the other night at dinner and Kris has no idea what she’s referring to.  Kourtney fills her in and Kris calls Rob to the house and reminds him of everything Bruce has done for him.  Rob realizes he was an idiot for saying what he said and that he was “really fortunate for having Bruce in his life.”  Rob talks to Bruce and all is well in the Kardashian world.

Next week Kris plays Tennis and Bruce wants Kris to sign his son Brandon Jenner, to her new music company.