OMG so much happened. It’s time for Olympic trials and we will know once and for all who made it and who broke it!!!

When we left our girls last week, Kaylie and Jordan were on the run after trashing Coach Ray’s car because he molested Jordan. They appear to have gotten away just fine, but now Jordan is refusing to talk about it. Kaylie goes to Coach (obviously Black Coach, not Ray) and tells him what happened, but Jordan denies everything. Coach Mac still decides to punch Coach Ray in the face and kick him out of practice.

Kaylie and Payson do the only reasonable thing, they put up a Social Media (aka Facebook) post looking for other girls who were molested by Coach Ray. Yes, because when you’ve been silent about this super taboo thing for years, a social media post is all it takes to get you talking.

Well, color me wrong, it totally worked. Jordan could not be more grateful and Coach Ray is arrested. And that’s just the first ten minutes.

Meanwhile, Baby G is still poisoning Kaylie with illegal cold medicine in her special smoothies. What’s going to happen when there’s a drug test? Unfortunately for her, Lauren Tanner is still around and I have no doubt that former diabolical bitch will figure everything out.

Speaking of Lauren, she is yet to make it through her beam routine without her heart beating too fast. What is she going to do at trials?

Payson and Rigo decide to go salsa dancing to work on her floor routine. Back at the gym, he tries to give her pointers, but they just do a little kissing. Until…SASHA SHOWS UP!!! Just when I thought this episode couldn’t get any more exciting Sasha Belov has arrived. Never fear, Payson, all will be well.

It’s the day of Olympic trials and Kaylie and her parents are called into the Coach’s office. SURPRISE! There is an illegal drug in Kaylie’s system and the NGO won’t let her compete. Everyone is upset, no more than Kaylie and the girls decide that they won’t compete unless Kaylie is allowed to. Shockingly that temper tantrum works.

It’s time for trials. Each one of the girls goes out there and does their specialty. Jordan rocks her triple back dismount on bars. Kaylie is the only one who can compete with the Chinese on vault. Payson looks super sexy in her floor routine. And Lauren totally makes it on the beam.

Oh Lauren, you savvy girl, you. Lauren quickly begins to suspect that Baby G is responsible for the poisoning of Kaylie Cruz. She breaks into her room and finds the receipt for the cold medicine. But it’s not enough evidence. Until her finds it in her lip gloss case! Baby G is done.

The Olympic team is announced: Jordan, Kaylie, Payson, some girl named Colleen, and…Lauren! Oh thank God. She could definitely be on the Olympic team for snooping.

It’s the super-mega happy ending. Our girls finally achieved their dream. The series is done.

Oh, and Sasha makes out with Candace Cameron Bure.

But what happens now? Anyone else smell the makings of a MIOBI TV movie?


Do I even have to say them? It’s so obvious!