You have several top Billboard hits and millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Yeah, that makes you a pop star and according to studio executives that means you can act – right? It is time to take a look at some pop stars to see who deserves to take a bow as an actor and who needs to simply just break a leg.

Many of Rihanna’s hits have packed the Billboard charts with number one singles such as S.O.S, Don’t Stop The Music, and Umbrella. Rihanna has over 19 million followers on Twitter and over 55 million likes on Facebook. In 2006 Rihanna played herself in the comedy Bring It On: All or Nothing. Can you really mess up when playing yourself? Rihanna came across stiff and emotionless as she plainly said her lines. Her bigger debut is in this year’s Battleship playing Petty Officer Raikes. In Battleship her character is prominate in the entire film but other than her brief one-liner in the beginning, she only has a couple of words throughout the film such as “Shut up” “Get up” “Lieutenant” “Take the picture.” Rihanna improved in Battleship by bringing life to her scatter phrases – if you call that acting.

Taylor Swift
America’s sweetheart is a six time Grammy winner and has five consecutive number one songs off of her 2010 Speak Now album. This Nashville pop star first stepped onto the acting scene in 2009 on CSI in the roll of Haley Jones. Her performance got rave reviews from The New York Times, Rolling Stone and Chicago Times. Though, it was in her 2010 film debut in the movie Valentine’s Day that got her a Teen Choice Award for Movie Female Breakout. Taylor Swift’s acting in Valentine’s Day was extremely believable and hysterical. Swift did not exhibit remarkable character work but her character did not require that. She deserves to take a bow as an actress for an entertaining and authentic performance.

Beyoncé Knowles
This Veteran is a 16-time Grammy winner and People’s 2012 Worlds Most Beautiful Woman. Beyoncé’s films include Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Pink Panther, Dreamgirls, and Obsessed to name a few. So how is this super star’s acting? Well, it is like the wigs she wears – extremely gorgeous to look at and they absolutely glow with radiance but at the end of the day – fake, fake and fake is what they are! Maybe that is why no Oscars sit beside her many other awards. In every movie that Beyoncé does you can clearly tell that she is acting – just placed in the movie for eye candy. At Beyoncé’s stage in her career, she should know better. Stop making movies Beyoncé.

Justin Timberlake
This Mouseketeer pop star has four Emmy’s under his belt. Does winning several acting awards prove that Justin Timberlake did something right in his acting career? Yes! This actor is no one-liner star. Timberlake has starred in films such as The Social Network, Bad Teacher, In Time, and Friends with Benefits. Timberlake is not only believable on screen but he consistently performs great character work. From his roll in The Social Network as the manipulative Sean Parker to his part as the geeky teacher in Bad Teacher, Timberlake is not just acting the same in every movie but has shown the ability to examine the history of each character and perform them well. This pop star needs to add an Oscar to his Emmy’s.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown has over 9 million Twitter followers and over 21 million Facebook likes. Brown’s 2012 F.A.M.E. album earned him his first Grammy for Best R&B Album. Some of Brown’s films include Stomp the Yard, Takers, and his latest Think Like a Man. However, Brown is most entertaining in his personal life when he is trash-talking Rihanna. In all of his films he comes across as just another below average actor just saying the lines. With over a dozen of number one hits, this pop star should do what he does best and stick to singing.

Britney Spears
This ‘Princess of Pop’ is an international chart-topping singer with hits likes Baby One More Time, Oops! … I Did It Again, Toxic and I Wanna Go. As much as we all love this pop princess, Britney Spears sadly crashed in 2002 Crossroads. Spears performance even received a Golden Raspberry Award (an award that is presented to recognize the worst in film). Spears had some guest appearances on Will & Grace and How I Met Your Mother but her acting did not improve and her characters felt like she was just being Britney Spears and not an actress. Spears is best suited being a hitmaker and entertaining on stage – just as we love her.

Ne-Yo is a talented triple threat going from songwriter, singer, to actor. Ne-Yo has written songs for almost every top singer such as Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, and Mary J. Blige. His hits include So Sick, Closer, and Miss Independent. Ne-Yo does not stop shining there, with incredible performances in films like Stomp the yard, Battle Los Angeles, and Red Tails. However, in Red Tails, you almost need to take a second look at Ne-Yo’s work – he blows you away with emotional scenes and amazing character performance with adding a country accent to his character. Ne-Yo’s roll in Red Tails is Oscar worthy. Justin Timberlake may need to watch out!

Now it is your turn! Leave a comment and let Picktainment know what pop music star turned actor deserves to take a bow as an actor and who needs to break a leg.