Sometimes, even a crane crushing a load of innocent bystanders isn’t quite the blessing it appears to be.

A dues ex machina was not enough to save Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) from a massive faux pas on last night’s episode of Veep. In the midst of a rivalry with a potential replacement for her office in the President’s re-election campaign, Selina let it slip that she didn’t believe the Asian-American governor of Minnesota to be an actual American. That he wasn’t born in the country.

Of course, in the true fashion of this show, it turned out that Selina’s staffers were not quite so reliable with the information and this actually turned out to be a horribly racist statement that may undermine Selina’s office and her platform as the series moves forward.

Speaking of her platform, we finally got to explore a bit of Selina’s political issues in this episode. As it turns out, she doesn’t believe in any of them. She’s been crowing about Filibuster reform for the last few episodes as her signature issues, but now the President is demanding she tackle immigration reform as her main concern.

The crux there is that it doesn’t matter what the issue is. Selina just needs a talking point. She doesn’t want to back off Filibuster reform because that’s the issue she just kind of blindly chose, not because she has any real attachment to it or concern for it, but because that just kind of is her thing. And if she’d chosen immigration reform that would be her thing too.

The point is, the issues don’t matter, it’s all just perception.

Again, Veep has shown us that politics don’t really matter in politics. It’s a misspeak or a flub that’s the real culprit in dooming somebody’s political career.

Best Lines of the Night:

“It’s he who speaks in maxims…that can sound wise.” ~ Dan Egan (Reid Scott)

“Who uses withdraw as a verb besides Catholics and Butlers?” ~ Dan

“Did you do this thing (spreading her arms) when you didn’t know whether to hug him or crucify him?” ~ Selina

“You’re not even your mom’s favorite Jonah, Jonah.” ~ Amy Brookheimer (Anna Chlumsky)

“I went to bed at 7 PM on a Saturday night. Even people dying of malaria stay up later than that.” ~ Amy

“Why are you so tired? You don’t do anything.” ~ Selina

“It’s a good look for you. What do you call that? BiCasual?” ~ Mike

“I had more windows in my first apartment than the VP has in her current schedule.” ~ Sue Wilson (Sufe Bradshaw)

“I blame George Washington. If he hadn’t started this whole form of government we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.” ~ Dan

“I am gonna throw up a leg. And then I am going to take that leg and beat Scott to death with it.” ~ Selina

“I have no idea who you are so I don’t know whether it’s a pleasure or not” ~ Senator Bill O’Brien (Brad Leland)

“If you had neighbors who came into your backyard to crap a buttfull of drugs and beans all over your flowers, you might consider building a fence.” ~ Sen. O’Brien