Having to shoot down something you’ve been working all year for just seems to be par for the political course.

Last night on Veep, Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) finally got her Clean Jobs Bill to the forefront of the legislative process only to have to take it down. In a rare instance, the senate was left tied, giving Selina the chance to exercise her sole power as Vice President: breaking a tie vote in the Senate. It just so happened that the vote she had to untie was on a rider including the meat of her Clean Jobs Bill. And, of course, she voted…against it?

Yes, Selina had to destroy the one piece of legislation that dominated this entire season. Because POTUS wished it and Selina was powerless against it. It’s about her career in this instance. It’s about not overstepping her bounds. It’s not about what she actually believes in. It’s not about her pushing her passion project through to being law. It’s about the fact that she’s the Vice President and, as Amy put it, she couldn’t put her foot in the “Vice Presidential Bear Trap” of acting like she was the President.

It’s another biting note from Veep about how little people’s views, how little the actual issues actually matter in the political world. It’s more about maintaining appearance and staying in your lane. Career is what matters to those in Washington and to jeopardize that for something as simple as their actual political views is a risk that simply can’t be taken.

This episode also showed us a completely different side to Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons). As Dan Egan (Reid Scott) tried to pump him for information outside the office, we got to see how Jonah cuts loose. Mostly, it’s with really hardcore heavy metal and delighting over how much bread one is served at really crummy restaurants. Just when you think you know how all these characters function on this show, we get a new side to one that makes him even better.

Best Lines of the Night:

“Democracy is fantastic, but it is also fucking dull.” ~ Amy Brookheimer (Anna Chlumsky)

“She cannot fall asleep on C-Span, the irony would be too huge.” ~ Amy

“-Stop that: Undressing me with your eyes.
-I’m adding more clothes, Mike.” ~ Mike and Sue

“(Referring to a lot of bread) That’s like two grain silos fucked right there.” ~ Jonah

“(Referring to a Secret Service Agent) He’s not supposed to register emotion. He’s supposed to be like a robot geisha.” ~ Selina

“I’d have more power in my hands if I joined one of those moronic Segway tours of DC.” ~ Selina

“That’s like trying to use a croissant as fucking dildo.” ~ Selina

“You have put this entire office into a Salad Spinner of fuck.” ~ Amy

Complete List of Selina’s Nicknames:

Mammary Meyer

Grizzly Madam


Meyer the Liar

The Batcave

Piss Face

Wicked Witch of the West Wing

Veep Throat


Dickless Van Dyke

Tawdry Hepburn

Blunder Woman

Selena Meh


Betty Poop

Vaguely Personable

Viagra Prohibitor

Visible Panties


Mrs. Doubtmeyer