The Phantom opens with Don at home, soaking his aching tooth in alcohol. His sore spot is a focus throughout the episode, symbolizing Don’s slowing rotting soul. Marie, Megan’s mother, is visiting and making her presence known once again in the household. Megan is scouring the newspaper for acting parts. When her friend brings up a Butler shoe ad, Megan asks Don to put her up for the part. Don is shocked that Megan wants a job doing something so commericial, so Megan laughs it off, but inside she’s crushed. In a late night conversation with her daughter, Marie tells Megan that not everyone gets to do what they want, and tells Megan to stop being selfish. Meanwhile, with Marie in town, Roger makes his move with the old flame. At their hotel tryst, Roger insists that they take LSD together. LSD Roger is back, thank goodness! Marie asks that he not ask her to take care of him. Too bad Roget, next time.

At Peggy’s new agency CGC, Ted Chaough asks her to name a brand new top secret line of Phillip Morris’ ladies cigarettes (thought to be Virginia Slims). We also see Peggy bossing around a couple of young copywriters. How satisfying is is to see Peggy in this new important role, and how nice to know that she’s not off the show for good after her departure from SCDP. Don drops by the apartment of Lane’s widow to give her $50,000 of his insurance payout. Obviously, Rebecca is livid at Don, the world, and accepts the check with disdain. She accuses Don of bringing the check only to make himself feel better, which is likely true.

Peter runs into Howard and Beth Dawes on the train, and while Pete tries to make small talk with Beth, she shies away. Later, she calls him at work and asks him to meet secretly at a hotel. There, she reveals she is very depressed and is having shock therapy to cure her condition. She wanted to see Pete again one last time, and she is worried she will forget him entirely due to the shock. They sleep together, and Pete begs her to run away with him, perhaps to California. Beth declines and leaves to go to the hospital. Howard has no idea what is going on. Later, after the shock therapy, Pete visits Beth and she has no idea who he is. He says he came to the wrong room and claims he is visiting a “friend” who is cheating on his wife. When questioned as to why, Pete says spills his guts out about himself, saying that he is putting a bandage on a permanent wound. It seems like it is only a matter of time before Pete’s marriage is over. There is something much deeper and darker going on with him than can be fixed by marriage and a baby in the suburbs, which may be why is he is drawn to a tragic character like Beth.

When Don goes to the dentist to finally get his tooth extracted, he sees his dead half brother, who made an appearance two times earlier in the episode in the SCDP office. While under the influence of laughing gas, Adam appears and tells him its not his tooth that’s rotten. He has a huge streak across his neck, presumably from where he hanged himself. Is Adam’s appearance due to guilt over Lane’s death? Yes, but is there more? Is Don’s tooth/ Adam about Don figuring out who he is as well? Don has been “the new Don” this season, the loving husband, father, the, “hard worker” but is that the real Don, or is the old, bastard cheating Don the real Don? Don Draper is still a character in transition and discovery and I think the symbolism of this episode will give way to even more change in Season 6.

Don meets Peggy in a mostly empty movie theater and they chat about how work is going. Don says he’s proud of Peggy’s success, but he didn’t expect it to happen without him. Peggy is happy and thriving and it doesn’t feel as sad that’s she’s gone. It’s good to hear that Don isn’t bitter about her departure anymore. Besides, there’s a lot going on at SCDP these days. They are thinking of getting new office space on the 38th floor (which Joan hints to Crane by accident) and they just finished their best quarter ever. Joan, following Lane’s prediction, seems to have taken over the financial aspect of the firm, which is nice to see.

Back on the train, Howard finds out its Pete who his wife Beth was screwing (apparently he knew she was screwing someone) and they start to fight on the train. Pete comes home looking a wreck, and Trudy insists that Pete get an apartment in the city, which is what Pete wanted all along. Don succumbs to Megan’s wish and gets her the part in the Butler ad after watching her screen test and smiling at her charm and beauty. We get a nice view of Roget’s bare butt as he most likely is enjoying an LSD trip. And finally, the season ends with Don, appropriately at a bar, with an attractive young lady asking if he is all alone; we don’t get an answer. Great, great ending. Which sets us up for next season: will Don go back to philandering now that Megan is off doing her own thing, which is what she is happy with? Don knows that she’s not happy just being the stay at home wife and mom. So will he look for carnal pleasure elsewhere? Will he find a more intellectual woman to cheat on Megan with? Let’ just hope its not another year and a half until we find out.