There really is nothing more potent than a woman crying.

In the midst of a 60+% disapproval rating, Selina whipped out the most powerful weapon a woman has: Her tears.

The waterworks proved beneficial for Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) as she went from a toxic asset to the President, whose endorsement a low-level congressman didn’t even want, to a DC power broker who was suddenly the most popular woman in Washington.

This is another example of Veep’s obsession with how appearance, in politics, outweighs any actual politics.

But the real star of this episode was not any member of the regular cast. Instead it was a newcomer, Congressman Roger Furlong.

Played by the excellent Dan Bakkedahl, Furlong is a foul-mouthed volcano who is a gift to the “Best Lines of the Night” section below.

Fans of “The Thick of It” and “In the Loop” who have been missing the venom, the rage, and the foul-mouthed mercilessness of the original incarnations of this series may have just gotten their prayers answered by this new character. Finally, Veep has its version of Malcolm Tucker, and he may be even funnier.

Here’s hoping we get to see a lot more of Congressman Furlong when Veep returns next season.

Best Lines of the Night:

“I’d make more money if I installed Will here as a gloryhole greeter at a Georgetown Gay Bar.” ~ Congressman Furlong

“’Not Great, Admittedly’. That should be the title of my fucking memoir.” ~ Selina

“I get the stamp of approval from her and I might as well nail a bunch of puppies to the ground and crush their skulls with my campaign bus.” ~ Congressman Furlong

(Referring to Dan) “She seems nice.” ~ Congressman Furlong

“Do you wanna know how toxic she is, Amy? Imagine something small has crawled up a dead cow’s ass. And then that small thing actually dies itself. If that dead thing then farted out a sack of eggs, but each individual egg was a smaller dead thing. That’s how small she is.” ~ Jonah

“F’d in the B’hole across all networks.” ~ Will

“We are currently polling lower than a side of beef with eyes draw on it.” ~ Amy

“Y’know those dreams where your football coach is like screaming at you, you look down, you’re dressed like Shirley Temple and then all your teeth fall out? That’s like a Disney version of a Congressional Committee.” ~ Larry

“Amy, you pretended to have a miscarriage for me. You remain crucial to my operation.” ~ Selina

“What are you gonna do? Choke me with some Spanx?” ~ Congressman Furlong

“You might wanna get yourself a helmet. And a bulletproof vest. And an iron jockstrap. Cuz you’re gonna get your head shot, your back stabbed and your nuts danced on. Have a nice Monday.” ~ Congressman Furlong

“Print Dan Egan. That’s Dan with a capital “D” and Egan with an “E” as in open your fucking ears.” ~ Dan

“No she’s busy and tomorrow. Well that’s tomorrow in the plural. All of them” ~ Sue