The eighth season of Weeds starts on July 1st and Showtime has announced that this will be the last for the Botwin family. On behalf of anyone like myself who was naïve enough to become addicted to this show in its first two seasons, only to be disappointed as the show became completely unrecognizable, all I can say is: “Thank God it’s finally over.” Still, like everyone else, I will sit down in front of my television for the premiere, cringing at the absolute character breakdown that has occurred in seasons four through seven.

With her creation of Weeds, Jenji Kohan had a golden premise: upon the untimely death of her husband, Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) turns to dealing marijuana in her upper-middle class suburban community in order to maintain the life she and her two sons, Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould), had grown accustomed to. Nancy encounters all kinds of drama between her dealer, DEA agent boyfriends, and worst of all, the neighborhood busybody, Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins).

There was drama, intrigue and sexual tension. It was everything that Desperate Housewives wanted to be. The character of Nancy Botwin began as a caring, “normal” mother who was desperately trying to maintain a “normal” lifestyle for her two “normal” children by maintaining an “abnormal” job. It was a fish out of water story of a rich white lady trying to navigate her way through the seedy world of drug dealing because it was the only way she could take care of her kids.

However, at the end of season seven, Nancy has been released from prison after serving time to cover for her son murdering a Mexican politician who was trying to take out Nancy because she married the Mayor of Tijuana. This man, Husband #3, tried to kill Nancy and it was only getting pregnant with his son that saved her life. Nancy was on the run from the Mexican drug cartel as well as the FBI. She’s desperately fighting for custody of her third son (the Mexican love child) from her sister who has enough good sense to see that Nancy is an unfit mother. Nancy will have what borders on BSDM sex with about anything male that moves (except her brother-in-law, played by Justin Kirk), the only man we’ve seen actually remain loyal to her).

Season three ended with Nancy setting fire to her small community of Agrestic and apparently the entire show bible burned with it. The show and the characters we fell in love with are gone. The Botwin family remains intact (well, as intact as a family who has moved across the world and back can be) along with their accountant, Doug (Kevin Nealon). Celia, her husband, Dean (Andy Milder), and daughter Isabelle (Allie Grant) as well as Heylia James (Tonye Patano) and the oh so sexy Conrad (Romany Malco) and my personal favorite, Guillermo (Guillermo Diaz) have either died, or more often, disappeared without an explanation. At this point, it seems as if we are introduced to new enemies on a daily basis and I can’t even pretend to keep up with Nancy’s various lovers anymore.

So what’s wrong? Nancy! Nancy is what is wrong! She is just the worst! It seems that whenever she’s given the opportunity, she makes the wrong choice. It doesn’t matter if it concerns her children or her “business;” she is completely inept. I can’t decide if she’s a worse mother or drug dealer. Nothing makes a character more unlikeable, in my opinion, than one who is bad at his or her job. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is a serial killer and still manages to be an awesome father. Don’t let it be said that fictional characters can’t have it all.