American Idol has been able to stay afloat since the loss of two original judges, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, and has proven it can keep on trucking with a barrage of fill ins over the years. Now the over the top singing competition is down to just Randy Jackson as Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are out. Where does that leave Idol? Let’s hope the show is just going to bow down and move out.

Lopez actually did a great job on Idol. Her criticism was useful and she seemed attentive. Tyler on the other hand was like Ellen; everything was great. He didn’t seem as into it as Lopez, so it’s no surprise he’s not returning and well…Lopez is right to move on. She has touring to do.

Idol should throw in the towel. The only people benefitting from the show are the judges who are brought in with contracts that’d make the common man’s mouth water, and sponsors. The contestants don’t matter like they used to, so what’s the point in letting that show have two hours a week?

When Kara Dioguardi joined the original three on Idol it was hard sitting through her commentary. Then after Paula left and America got Ellen, we watched and laughed but the daytime star wasn’t the best. After Cowell officially departed, that was when everyone thought Idol was done…Nope, they kept on. With well-knowns Lopez and Tyler, we all knew their run on the show wouldn’t last. And of course it didn’t. Both artists obviously used the PR to boost their appeal and get back on their own career path. Reports are saying the two left due to slagging ratings and of course money ordeals. They wanted more and the show couldn’t hang.

Season 11 seen the lowest ratings for the two part finale, even season one fared better (and that premiered in the summer, think about that). Ratings aside, Idol isn’t what it used to be. The winners are no longer water cooler topics. More concern is about the judges…which isn’t why we’re supposed to pay attention. Ever since the departure of original judges Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, who can even name a winner, or a runner up for that matter?

Rumors are swirling that season 8 runner up, Adam Lambert, will step up and dish out the critiques. There are even some divas in the mix to come onboard; Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin. At the rate Idol is going, this would be a horrible downgrade for either songstress. Lambert, he seems to be doing just fine without going back to his roots.

Carey and Franklin are too good for that platform. It would make fans cringe to see them downsize like that. Plus, with Carey being such a huge diva, she probably wouldn’t make it past the Hollywood rounds. Some people they might want to consider are someone young like Miley Cyrus. The X-Factor’s taking on Demi Lovato, so it’d be interesting to see how Idol did with a former Disney kid. Another name to toss into the ring is someone like He’s not only a performer, but he’s a behind the scenes expert. Black Eyed Peas songs may be annoying, but they still do well.

No matter who comes on board, the show needs to stop. Dear FOX, give it up and make more original programming. The network that brought edge to TV needs to go back to its roots and make people laugh again. They’ve proven they can handle comedy with Glee and New Girl, and have surprise everyone with Raising Hope’s continuous success. More shows and less reality FOX.