The Dallas Mavericks “let go” of Lamar Odom and that means Khloe is moving home.  Apparently she “hasn’t been acting herself” and Kim and Kourtney are excited to have “the old Khloe back.”

Meanwhile Scott is getting paid to make an appearance at a sweet sixteen and apparently everyone is scared that he’s going to act “inappropriate.”  First of all, if you have enough money to get someone to show up at your kids sweet 16, why on earth would you pick Scott?  Not even a Kardashian?

Bruce is upset that he doesn’t spend enough time with Kendall and Kylie anymore because they’ve officially entered the age where Kris Jenner can pimp them out.

Khloe is back in LA “coordinating her move” which means she’s watching her assistant “coordinate her move.”  She’s “overwhelmed” and her family starts pressuring her to go to New York for the opening of Scott’s restaurant.

The next day at lunch Kris starts putting the pressure on Khloe to go to New York.  Then Lamar and Bruce join him and Bruce gives Lamar a motivational pep talk about “winning and losing.”  And sometimes when you think you’re winning, you’re actually losing, like when you marry a Kardashian.

Then at the house Kendall’s tire is flat and Bruce turns it into a “bonding” experience that the girls want nothing to do with.  Then Bruce has her car taken to the shop so Kendall and Kylie need him to drive them everywhere.  Then in the car, Bruce says that if “he was in high school he would ask her to prom.” Creepy.

Scott and Rob are in New York for Scott’s sweet 16 appearance, but first they go out to dinner with Scott’s friends.  Out of left field, Rob decides to call Scott out on being “inappropriate” and says Scott’s going to get kicked out of the sweet 16 for being “a pervert.”

Kim tries to get Khloe and Lamar to go out to dinner, but Khloe says that Lamar has to concentrate on “training everyday.”  Fast forward to Lamar training, with Khloe of course because she can’t leave him alone for two seconds.  Basically Lamar’s workouts consist of running and farting.

Rob and Scott are on their way to the Sweet 16, but first Scott crashes a bachelorette party at the hotel to “warm up for his appearance.”  Next stop is the Sweet 16 and Scott is taking pictures with 13 year olds and it’s weird.  Then Scott has a heart to heart with the girl’s father about “having a daughter” and all of a sudden we’re supposed to think it’s not weird.

At Khloe’s house, Kim and Kourtney try to convince her to go to New York.  Khloe explains, “There is a lot of pressure” on her and she “can’t commit to going.”  Kourtney thinks the excuses are “bull s*it.”

Meanwhile Bruce has been driving the girls around and telling Kendall that her car isn’t ready.  Kendall calls the shop and finds out that it’s been ready for two days.  She confronts Bruce and he explains that he “missed carpooling” them.  Kendall and Kylie feel bad and explain that he just “needs to ask them to hang out.”  This storyline sucks.

Lamar’s agent tells Khloe that Lamar needs to focus on training and stay away from publicity if he wants to help his sporting career.  Then Kris calls and starts pressuring her about New York.  Khloe says, “Her family doesn’t understand how busy she is.”  Kim and Kourtney go to her house and keep talking about how she missed Christmas when she was in Dallas. Is it just me or did I watch this scene already tonight? Like five times?

Kourtney and Kim think “she puts too much pressure on herself” to take care of Lamar.  Khloe points out how Kim’s “system doesn’t work,” aka she got a divorce and Kourtney “doesn’t even sleep in the same bed as her boyfriend.”  Khloe storms out and apparently E! considers this a cliffhanger.  The conclusion to this riveting two-part story is Monday at 9!  Also brace yourself, because Kanye West makes an appearance.