Halfway through the season already, True Blood continues to be in fine form aside from the usual speed bumps along the way. The most glaring, Terry and Patrick just needs to end ASAP. As much as we all love the supernatural craziness of Bon Temps, dragging a smoke monster into the mix is getting a bit tedious. Terry is much better as the sort of dark comic relief, the PTSD-ing line cook with the heart of gold, not a character to shoulder his own lingering sub-plot.

Emo Hoyt/emo Jason are wearing a bit thin, but hopefully that means they’re both do for an ass kicking transformation… please? Hoyt continues to troll Fangtasia for whomever wants to feed and, after a bit of jealous lady fighting between Jessica and Tara, he’s back to being alone (and annoying). Maybe his kidnapping by the Obama-masked supe’ killing brigade will liven him up a bit? Jason too, with the visions of his parents and general bumbling have seen more exciting days. The whole fairy world is back and, despite some flashy song and dance numbers is a bit of a bore. Hadley, former kept woman of Queen Sophie is there, and Sookie despite her best effort to flash her pretty fingers and get her out, is felled by some serious fairy magic.

Luna (alive?) and Sam are rushed to the hospital after being gunned down and seem surprisingly spry after their brushes with death. Emma managed to run miles to her grandmother’s house and Luna begrudgingly agrees to let her care for Em. Over at the pack’s barn party (?), Alcide steps in and challenges current packmaster JD for the position. He’s sick of the wolves being the white trashiest of the supes, obviously, and wants to take over.

Lafayette continues the search for Jesus and his own brulo-ery, and visits his mother at the crazy house. She too saw the vision of Jesus, and the witch down in Mexico that turns Layafette’s magic switch onto “evil”.

Now, the main event! After the intense hospital search from last week, Bill and Eric being Russell to The Authority (a little too easily I might add) and Roman parties is up while Salome sits shifty eyed and quiet in the corner. There’s some hinting that perhaps Nora wasn’t the turncoat who exhumed Russell, which leaves Salome to the deed. Nora has gone full blown religious crazy, so good luck getting anything out of her, but Eric knows what’s up. Maybe.

With everything wrapped up in a nice little package by the end of the episode, Russell is strapped down with an iStake and The Authority surround him while Roman gets the honor of pressing play. Surprise! The iStake has a glitch, and Russell quickly turns on Roman, and the true death is all his. Eric and Bill stand there dumbstruck as Russell yell, “Peace is for pussies!” and Nora falls into rapture at the fulfillment of the prophecy. But whose prophecy was it? Lillith’s or perhaps Salome’s? Things got a little fuzzy at the end, but next week should have some answers. Finally.

Stay tuned!