Comic-Con 2012 is now in full swing, and I’d have to say Day 1 – Thursday, was a big success. I started out my day doing what most people do at Comic-Con…waiting in line. I just had to see what all the Twilight hype was all about, so I got in line for Hall H, and waited. And then I waited some more. But then I finally got in just in time to see the cast of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. And when I say the cast, I mean like, the whole entire cast. Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart were all there of course, plus Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, and Mackenzie Foy, the young actress playing the vampire/human daughter of Bella and Edward, Renesmee. Plus, at the end they brought out about 10-15 more people who all played various vampires from around the world in the last of the Twilight movies.

This is generally what R-Patz did most of the time.

There weren’t too many great surprises from the cast in terms of the Q&A. Most of the questions were like, “Robert, what was your favorite part of filming the whole series,” and he’d be like “LOL, everything!” I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Kristen Stewart, however. In the past, she’s always been portrayed by the media as very surly and sour. But at the panel she was very happy and outgoing. She actually probably talked the most out of all the cast members. They showed the first seven minutes of the new Twilight movie, and I won’t say it looked bad, but let’s just say it’s going to make a million bajillion dollars no matter what.

My favorite panel of the day would have to be the Walt Disney Studios panel with directors Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, and Rich Moore, and moderator Chris Hardwick.

Tim Burton was up first with some clips of his new animated film Frankenweenie. This was originally a short cartoon that Burton made back in the day that he just now has expanded to full length, and it is very reminiscent of Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. I wish I had time to recap all of the great fans that asked questions, because they definitely were the most interesting people asking the most interesting questions, but I still have 3 more days of Comic-Con! There were definitely some crazy characters though. One guy waited in the whole line just to ask how Burton got a PG-rating for Beetlejuice.

Next was Sam Raimi with clips from the upcoming Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful, which comes out next year and stars James Franco. While there are some references to The Wizard of Oz from 1939, Raimi said that it is more faithful to the books by L. Frank Baum and would not, in fact, have any ruby slippers. The film is going to be more of the story of how Oz came to be the way it was by the time Dorothy gets there. Two of the witches from the movie, Mila Kunis (Theodora) and Michelle Williams (Glinda), also showed up to the panel. I’m not going to lie guys, I have a really awesome top-of-the-line camera. I think this picture speaks for that.

Last but not least, Rich Moore showed up with about 10 minutes of clips from the new Disney cartoon Wreck-It Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph is about a video game character named, what else, “Wreck-It Ralph,” who is a bad guy but doesn’t want to be a bad guy anymore. I cannot wait to see this movie! It looks really good, and is definitely the film I want to see most out of the four I’ve mentioned. John C. Reilly, who does the voice of the title character, and Sarah Silverman, who does the voice of a Candyland-type character, also showed up to the panel

So that was my day at Comic-Con. I was there for a few more hours after the panel, but most of that time was just spent being jostled about the exhibit hall by a massive amount of people. Seriously, if you go to Comic-Con expect to be accidentally touched inappropriately at least a few times an hour. Also, I saw some zombies in a van. No biggie.