Following last’s week’s jarring episode that was Walter White’s birthday, you’ve got to wonder how Vince Gilligan could possibly top a stellar first half to season five with a second set of four episodes?

Well, last night Gilligan answered that thought that you may or may not have been thinking: he did that by having Heisenberg and company channel a little bit of Danny Ocean, a la Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. 

In previous seasons, there’s always been a somewhat clear-cut view of what will transpire in the season finale, for the most part. This season, on the other hand, is as up in the air as a beach ball at a Nickelback concert–assuming people still go to concerts of the alleged “greatest rock band of the last decade.”

All that really happened in last night’s episode was a heist of–pardon the cheesy chemistry joke about to follow–explosive proportions. Seeing how their supply of  methlyamine, the key ingredient in the blue meth, is running at dangerously low proportions, Walt, Mike and Jesse are forced to trust Lydia to come up with a way to get some–for the sake of their lives and hers. After all, without the blue meth, Heisenberg ceases to exist and with that comes the death of Walter White as a family man. If he can’t provide for his family in the remaining time he has left, what was the point of getting into the business to start with? He would leave his family in huge debt while ruining his reputation, if only with Skyler. That’s a risk Walt–and Heisenberg–would rather die than take.

Throw in a heist, a few “yeah bitch”s from Jesse and some methylamine and you’ve got a successful requisition of blue meth ingredients for Walt and co. Oh, and don’t forget to kill the little boy who witnessed it all–that’s kind of a key part of the operation.

That’s right: a little boy who was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, playing with a tarantula in the desert, was killed at the expense of Mike and Walt not wanting anyone to know what just happened. If anything, that’s a perfect reflection of the hypocrisy that’s overcome Walter White since he first started cooking with Jesse.

Walt, a sweet and humble chemistry teacher that everyone looked up to, has transformed into a monster that won’t hesitate to kill–interestingly enough, that includes children. Only a few months ago in the show’s timeline, he and Jesse were infuriated that Gus got an innocent child killed in the process of making the blue. But was that child innocent? After all, he was shooting other dealers and dealing meth himself.

Now you have this child who was simply an eyewitness to what happened. It’s haunting how much more innocent he is than the children used in season three and how he suffered a similar fate, definitely in a more unjust manner. Has Walt become the new Gus Fring?

If anything, it’s almost safe to say that Walt has become a worse, more bald version of the man he worked so hard to overthrow out of fear for anyone involved. And the worst part is, we have no idea where this season is going to end. Will it be Walt’s 52nd birthday? Or will it be a stand-off between him and his brother in-law? Is it glass half-empty or glass half-full that we have no idea where this season of Breaking Bad is headed?

If you ask me, I think it just means we need more Breaking Bad in the glass.