If there were ever any doubt before last night’s episode, it’s official now: Walter White has broken bad. The only thing keeping it from being officially official is the lack of a Facebook status on Breaking Bad‘s page confirming that Heisenberg has taken over. But that doesn’t keep the writers from making it perfectly clear who’s in charge in a post-Fring era of cooking meth in the Southwestern region of this wonderful country.

The episode’s title, “Say My Name,” actually comes from the cold open where Walter White asserts his dominance over Declan, the Phoenix meth manufacturer that Mike made a deal with last week. Walt refuses to hand over the methylamine, offering an alternative to competition between the two suppliers: Walt and Jesse will cook for them, having Declan distribute their “superior product” throughout the area. Declan reluctantly agrees to Walt’s counter-proposition. With the millions they’ll be hauling in through this new deal, Walt, Jesse and Mike will now be able to pay off Mike’s men who worked under Fring and ultimately keep them quite from squealing to the DEA.

Unfortunately fork Walt, Mike and Jesse still want out. Mike packs up his guns, stores all of the money for his granddaughter Kaylee and then opts to lay low, having gotten wind that the DEA will be searching his house thanks in part to a search warrant. When the DEA finally arrives at Mike’s house, they thoroughly comb it and find nothing. Not a single trace of evidence that could link him to the Fring operation, or really any methamphetamine operation for that matter.

Meanwhile, Jesse meets with Walt to tell him that he’s officially out of the business–something Walt Heisenberg isn’t too keen on hearing. After a series of low-blows to Jesse (including Heisenberg’s accusations of how Jesse has done nothing with his life and will continue to do so without meth in his life), in addition to justifying the death of Brock and confessing to how “torn up” he was over the loss of a child (despite it being him who commanded the poisoning of Brock in the first place), Heisenberg’s grip on Jesse finally slips and Jesse walks out the door empty handed. He’d initially come in to get his $5 million but, after seeing what a monster Walt has become, he doesn’t feel like sticking around: being a madman is contagious nowadays. In the words of Heath Ledger’s Joker, “madness is like gravity–all it takes is a little push.” Does Jesse realize that it was his doings that started Walter White’s fall? It’s only a matter of time before Heisenberg crashes and perhaps even spontaneously combusts, much like the blimp he was named after. Spectacular how Vince Gilligan was able to think that far ahead and stay so true to that metaphor.

This forces Walt to find another partner to cook with: Todd. You know, the Todd who was under so much heat because he shot and killed a little boy without consulting his superiors. As it turns out, he’s actually really good at taking directions…minus that one slip-up. Nowhere near as much of a “don’t tell me what to do, bitch” sort of person as Jesse was, Todd follows Walt’s every order and “applies himself” as best as he could, which was really all that Walt asked from him.

Walt then returns home, eager to tell Skyler all about his day at work–just like every other husband typically does–but she’s still not hearing it. Well, she’s hearing it…she’s just not responding. Skyler White, the cationic wife of Walter White…and probably somehow related to Snow White. Maybe in a less dark timeline.

Walt sees this dysfunctional marriage as an opportunity to remove the bugs he planted in Hank’s office. After a considerate amount of Walt’s Academy Award worth bawling, Hank talks to his partner Gomez, when he (and an eavesdropping Walt) learns that Mike will be in the DEA’s custody within the day. As it turns out, the lawyer they were following gave up Mike.

When Walt hears of this, he goes straight to Saul and Jesse to problem solve. Short story long, they call Mike and he tells them he needs the goods he’d stowed away at the airport so he can flee town. Jesse eagerly offers to help Mike out, much to Walt’s dismay that Jesse’s loyalty has shifted, but it’s ultimately Walt who must give Mike a hand. Little does Mike know that he’ll be getting much, much more than he bargained for: a visit from the ruthless Heisenberg and not the charismatic Walter White.

After Mike refuses to give Heisenberg the names of the nine men who could potentially blow all of their covers, Heisenberg overreacts, to say the least. Like sodium bicarbonate mixing with hydrofluoric acid, Heisenberg’s reaction is a nasty one, here spelled “he shoots Mike.”

Wounded, Mike drives off in his car, not getting very far in the process. He crawls his way to the pond nearby, where Walt finds him, mortally wounded and watching the sun set over beautiful scenery. Walt tries to apologize, saying he could’ve gotten the names from Lydia. Before he collapses into a heap, Mike responds “Shut the f–k up and let me die in peace.” Very Mike-y last words, very Mike-y last words indeed.

With that, we can no doubt expect next week’s mid-season finale to be quite the nasty one. Walt had promised Jesse that nobody would be killed as a result of the operation, especially not anyone they cared about, and when Jesse finds out what Walt’s done…it won’t be pretty, to say the least.

And now a moment of silence for Mike Ehrmantraut. We’ll miss you, big guy.