It’s already been dubbed a case of “movie title imitating life” – it was the moment when Russell Brand sank to a new low, refusing to begin filming filming Eric Idle‘s new musical What About Dick? until he had convinced a wardrobe assistant to flash him.

Brand may be close to being labelled as “unworkable” after this latest stunt, which actually delayed production for two hours as he “harangued” the poor girl the entire time. Eventually she gave in and flashed the star. A source said:

“She was having none of it – at first. But when it started to look like they weren’t going to get any work done she gave in and flashed him.”

Jezebel wrote:

“Did you guys know that if you bring your yogi to public appearances and talk about the importance of being spiritual on Jimmy Fallon and shit, you get a karmic pass—nay, the natural right!—to see the sweater puppies of any below-the-line person on your movie set? If you’re Aldous Snow, you do! (And, let’s admit it: the line between Aldous Snow and Russell Brand is blending every passing day.)”

It’s been claimed Brand already gets away with murder on most movies, due to his unusual yet endearing charm, but this time co-star and comic Billy Connolly had something to say about the way Brand was behaving, and took him aside for a stern talking-to.

That’s Hollywood, folks. Getting sleazier every day? We can only speculate, but apparently no breasts are safe in this town. Wonder if Brand has made any other special requests recently, and whether we’ll be hearing about them any time soon.