With just three episodes left, True Blood turns up the heat with a bloody, booby-filled episodes that brings the show back to its TV-M roots. While it’s certainly not at its peak, the story lines this season have had some good arcs and a few snoozers. With the unintegrated ifrit/Iraq flashback finally over (shocker- Patrick dies at the hands of Terry), we can all focus on the interweaving story lines of the vamps, wolves and shifters that looks like it will turn into a good old fashioned blood bath by season’s end.

Over in the vamp camp, Bill continues to drink Salome’s kool-aid (aka blood) while Eric attempts a fairly ill-conceived escape with IT girl Molly, only to be betrayed by a seemingly reborn Bill. This old moony-eyed Bill gobbling up the Lilith love spewed by the Sanguinistas is met with a heavy dose of skepticism by many a viewer, but as the Tru Blood factories burn and panic begins to overtake the vampire/human coexistence, maybe it’s more than just an act? He seems pretty keen on starting some kind of vampire super race with Salome and the freaky visions show that Bill isn’t his old cynical self.

Meanwhile Russell continues his courting/mentoring of Reverend Newlin as he proves his power over the Shreveport wolf pack (minus lone wolf Alcide), enchanting them with his blood only to give wolf pup Emma to Newlin as a “gift” much to the dismay of her grandmother. Luna’s gonna be piiiiissed, especially since she finally foiled the shifter killers with Sam. Alcide bails on Louisiana and reconnects with his degenerate gambler dad, and nary an ass cheek was seen the entire episode. Boring!

The big twist of the ep’ was the revelation that former Sheriff Dearborne is having an affair with the KKK Dragon of Bon Temps, a rather zaftig woman calling the shots amongst the Obama-mask clad killers. Sookie and Hoyt were goners dumped into a pig pen, only to be saved by ass-kicking naked Sam and the dream crime fighting team (ha) Andy and Jason. Unfortunately for Sook’, her attempts to uncover her parents’ true killer may have died with Dearborne after Andy shot him to save Sam. Sigh!

Over at Fangtasia, Tara and Pam continue to cattily butt heads over the coming Tru Blood shortage, only to be surprised by the rather dick-ish entrance of the new vampire Sheriff taking presumed-dead Eric’s place on the throne. Nobody puts Pam in the corner, dude. Nobody.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode!