Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, Tyra Banks introduced her whole new panel, including the home viewing audience. 13 girls were chosen to live in the Top Model “Sorority House.” Victoria was already pegged as the “weird girl.”

The show opens with Tyra FINALLY explaining how the at-home voting works: on both challenges and photo shoots models are scored from 1-10. After each shoot they posted the photos on Facebook and followers got to score each girl’s photo. The judges’ score, the challenge score, and the “social media” score each come into play when it determines which girl will go home each week. So I guess maybe all the online voting was already done months ago? That doesn’t make things very fun.

Tyra Banks shows up at the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House” (yes, that’s the whole name of it), and of course all the girls start freaking out. They probably think it’s the makeover show already (please God, let it be the makeover show). Tyra announces that there are some “serious” new rules this season. Everything that the models do will be graded: the challenges, the judges, the fans – so “it’s not just qualitative, it’s quantitative.” (I bet Tyra learned that at Hahr-vard…that’s how I say it…with a British accent.)

Apparently there is a room in the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House” called the “Tyra Suite.” The Tyra Suite is a huge room full of items that say “smize.” The girls go in there with Tyra who tells them that the girl who gets best photo each week gets to be in the Tyra Suite for that week. AND they have access to the fashion closet inside the Tyra Suite – which is full of Smashbox makeup and Nine West shoes. So, either they’re doing this in real time, and each girl really does get a week in the Tyra Suite, or they’re taping it, and a “week” equals like, two days (in which you know they’re not changing the sheets or anything…gross).

Tyra also announces that each week there will be a challenge, and the winner of that challenge will receive a $10,000 deposit into her personal “scholarship bank” account. However, you can only cash in your scholarship if you win America’s Next Top Model…wahn, wahn.

The girls go into the backyard and enjoy the pool. They play chess. They sit around and get to know each other. Victoria camera talks that she goes to online college, so living with all these girls is weird for her. The girls are talking about their boyfriends and Victoria reveals that she’s never had a boyfriend before. Someone asks her if she’s ever had sex, and she says no, she’s a virgin and she’s never getting a boyfriend. Victoria camera talks that she gets all the satisfaction that she needs from a relationship from her mom…which is kind of weird, IMO. I wonder how Victoria’s mom feels about their relationship…

All of a sudden, the girls hear some booming in the house. It’s seven guys from the Iota Phi Theta step team, and they’re doing some kind of stompy yell-y dance. Then Rob Evans comes out and tells them to get all dressed up because they’re going to Hollywood. They go to Club Eden and meet up with Jonte’, choreographer and “movement mentor.” Jonte’ gives them some tips on connecting with their audience, and then Rob Evans reveals that he has the key to the Tyra Suite. Whoever “brings it the most” strutting on the runway at Club Eden gets the key.

Destiny is not into the challenge; she camera talks that she feels like no matter how you spin it, you’re gonna look like a ho. And it’s kind of true. Yvonne gives a weird awkward side kick…and it’s not just a bad kick, but she’s wearing a short skirt…so… Rob and Jonte’ announce the winner of the challenge, and it’s Yvonne, the gross high kicker. But it doesn’t matter, because she’s not going to win Top Model anyway.

So they’re hanging out at the club and P’trique comes busting in. Apparently he’s a famous YouTube personality, but I’ve honestly never seen him before this show. He’s basically a hipster drag queen. P’trique announces that he/she has Tyra Mail! “Tomorrow’s challenge will leave you hanging. Make sure you kill the shot.” He then tells them to go home and get their beauty sleep.

The girls get back to the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House” and there’s a scoreboard up with all the girls’ scores from the challenge. Yvonne got a 10, Victoria got a 7, and Jessie and Kristin got 4s, ouch. Destiny wants to know why she got a low score, and Kiara says maybe it’s because her act was “too stripper.” Destiny’s like, um, did you see everyone else’s? So then Destiny is telling some other girls about it and Kiara overhears her. Kiara says for future reference she can come talk to her instead of talking about it behind her back. She actually says it in a pretty mature way though, there is no yelling or finger snaps or claps involved.

The next day, Victoria is in the backyard doing weird step aerobics. The girls talk about Victoria’s weird relationship with her mother and how maybe Victoria’s mother knows something that no one else knows…true that.

The girls leave the house and arrive at some kind of taxidermist. There are stuffed heads all over the wall. Johnny Wujek is there with Shenae Grimes from “90210.” Shenae is actually going to be the photographer on the shoot, and she explains that the girls are going to act as taxidermied heads on the walls. The girls get crazy hairdos for their shoot, and for some reason they’re all wearing these weird nude bodysuits, even though you can’t see what they’re wearing at all.

After the photo shoot, the girls are back at the house and Kiara is talking about her upbringing. She is the oldest of seven children and pretty much raised her brothers and sisters after her mother had her at the age of 16. Miss Victoria goes off about how she can’t imagine not having a mother figure in her life. And everyone’s like, we get it Victoria, you’re the teenage girl version of Norman Bates.

All of a sudden Victoria is crying hysterically. I don’t know if she’s psyched up about her mom because of her chat with Kiara or what, but she calls her mom and actually says, “What are your words of encouragement?” Who is this girl? Seriously? She asks her mom if she’s seen her pictures online and the mom’s like, oh sorry, the computer’s been acting up. So obviously this is like a one-way obsession.

Judging Panel

Bryanboy is making his first appearance on the show to represent the social media portion of the vote.


Kelly: 6, Tyra: 6, Rob: 6, Challenge Score: 10, Fan Vote: 5.8

KiaraKelly: 7, Tyra: 7, Rob: 8, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 4.3

Kelly: 4, Tyra: 5, Rob: 4, Challenge Score: 4, Fan Vote: 5.37

LauraKelly: 8, Tyra: 9, Rob: 8, Challenge Score: 5, Fan Vote: 6

MariaKelly: 5, Tyra: 6, Rob: 6, Challenge Score: 6, Fan Vote: 5.1

LeilaKelly: 10, Tyra: 10, Rob: 10, Challenge Score: 5, Fan Vote: 5.4

Kelly: 5, Tyra: 6, Rob: 5, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 4.9

Kelly: 9, Tyra: 7, Rob: 6, Challenge Score: 9, Fan Vote: 5.3

Kelly: 9, Tyra: 8, Rob: 7, Challenge Score: 4, Fan Vote: 6.7

AllyssaKelly: 5, Tyra: 9, Rob: 6, Challenge Score: 7, Fan Vote: 5.1

Kelly: 5, Tyra: 8, Rob: 6, Challenge Score: 7, Fan Vote: 5.2

Kelly: 7, Tyra: 8, Rob: 8, Challenge Score: 9, Fan Vote: 4.6

Kelly: 6, Tyra: 6, Rob: 5, Challenge Score: 5, Fan Vote: 4.9

Tyra says they’re going to add in the social media scores and then make their decision. Usually the judges talk amongst themselves more, but they go straight to handing out the photos. Tyra has 13 beautiful women before her but only 12 photos in her hands.

  1. Leila gets best photo – 40.4
  2. Nastasia – 36.6
  3. Brittany – 36.3
  4. Laura – 36.0
  5. Kristin – 34.7
  6. Kiara – 34.3
  7. Yvonne – 33.8
  8. Allyssa – 32.1
  9. Victoria – 31.2
  10. Darian – 28.9
  11. Maria – 28.1

It comes down to Jessie and Destiny. Both are very beautiful, but their photos are so plain, and neither has learned how to work her angles. Jessie gets sent home with a score of 22.4.

12. Destiny – 26.9

I have to say I really like this new way of judging. It seems a lot more objective, and it kind of shows the viewers more how the judging really works from the judges’ perspective. I think I, like most people, let my opinion of the girls’ personality affect what I think of their pictures, but the judges never see that side of things. Now the viewers who are voting online have the experience of voting purely on the pictures and not on the girls’ personalities.

But wait, there’s more! Jessie goes back stage and is greeted by Bryanboy who tells her there’s a comeback series. For the next 6 weeks she’s going to compete in all the photo shoots against all the other eliminated models, and the girl with the highest social media score will earn a spot back in the competition.

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition: It’s the makeover episode! But the girls get a choice of whether they want a makeover or not. Maria says “hell, no.” There’s a literal bitch fight where the girls just call each other “bitch” for five minutes.