Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the models got their makeovers! Maria refused to be madeover and then decided to go home. The girls had a nude photo shoot with Rob Evans. Weirdo mommy’s girl Victoria got best photo; Darian got sent home. All the models found out that all the girls that got kicked out are competing to come back on the show.

The episode opens with the girls back at the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House.” Victoria tells the other girls that all she could think about when Tyra called her name was…her mom… Ok. Victoria has the option of picking someone to go to the Tyra Suite with her, but she decides not to bring anyone with her. *Sigh* such a homeschooler.

Kristin goes into Destiny’s purse to get a lighter without asking, and Destiny says that’s not cool to do. And Kristin tells her to shut up. WTF? Destiny tells Kristin that she’s such a beautiful girl, but her attitude ruins it. She also camera talks that Kristin was a mean girl in high school that got suspended for fighting. Kristin starts egging on Destiny and camera talks that her plan is to get Destiny to hit her so she automatically gets kicked off the show. Ugh, so lame. Destiny refuses to do it though, so things kind of just get dropped.

The next day, the models meet up with Tyra Banks at the Santa Monica pier. Tyra tells them their challenge is to be the best actresses they can be. Tyler Perry walks out and says he’s going to be judging the girls in this challenge. The girl that Tyler chooses will win a walk on role in a Tyler Perry movie plus $10,000 in their scholarship account. There are four different characters the girls could be playing: Hollywood diva, confused and starstruck tourist, superstar rap artist, and free spirit street performer. They are all wearing earpieces as well so that Tyler and Tyra can tell them things to do.

Victoria is playing a delusional diva and decides she’s going to be a philanthropist and give fried chicken to a homeless person…and he takes it and throws it on her. Where did she even get that chicken? The top scorers of the challenge were Kiara, Victoria, and Yvonne, and Kiara wins. Yvonne camera talks that she didn’t think it was very hard for Kiara to pretend she was more important than she really was. Snap.

The next day the girls go to Universal Studios. They meet up with Johnny Wujek and photographer Ricky Middlesworth on the set of The War of the Worlds. Their task is to “work it” as zombies in their photo shoot. Kristin has gotten the critique week after week that she’s just being pretty and not actually modeling. But she basically does it again at this photo shoot.

Back at the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House,” Kristin yells at Victoria and then bitches about the photo shoot. Basically every other girl has camera talked that Kristin is a mean girl.

Judging Panel

LeilaKelly: 7, Tyra: 9, Rob: 9, Challenge Score: 6 Fan Vote: 6.29

KiaraKelly: 6, Tyra: 6, Rob: 6, Challenge Score: 10 Fan Vote: 4.7

BrittanyKelly: 8, Tyra: 8, Rob: 9, Challenge Score: 7 Fan Vote: 5.27

VictoriaKelly: 6, Tyra: 6, Rob: 6, Challenge Score: 8 Fan Vote: 5.2

DestinyKelly: 5, Tyra: 5, Rob: 6, Challenge Score: 6 Fan Vote: 5.0

LauraKelly: 9, Tyra: 9, Rob: 9, Challenge Score: 8 Fan Vote: 7.5

KristinKelly: 4, Tyra: 7, Rob: 6, Challenge Score: 8 Fan Vote: 5.9

AllyssaKelly: 7, Tyra: 8, Rob: 7, Challenge Score: 8 Fan Vote: 5.5

NastasiaKelly: 6, Tyra: 9, Rob: 7, Challenge Score: 5 Fan Vote: 5.4

YvonneKelly: 5, Tyra: 6, Rob: 5, Challenge Score: 9 Fan Vote: 4.5

Tyra has 10 beautiful women before her, but she only has 9 photos in her hands.

  1. Laura gets best photo – 42.5
  2. Leila – 37.3
  3. Brittany – 37.3
  4. Allyssa – 35.5
  5. Kiara – 32.7
  6. Nastasia – 32.4
  7. Victoria – 31.2
  8. Kristin – 30.9

It comes down to Destiny and Yvonne. Yvonne is stunning and has a lot of girls at home routing for her, but in her pictures she’s failing. Destiny isn’t showing the magic in her eyes in photos that Tyra sees in real life. Yvonne scrapes by another week, and Destiny gets sent home with a 27.0. I guess it wasn’t her destiny to win the show…amirite?

9. Yvonne – 29.5

I’m totally surprised that Kristin didn’t get sent home. The way everyone was talking up what a mean girl she was, and after how poorly she did on her photo shoot (even Johnny Wujek said she was a bitch), I really thought she would be the one to go home. Hopefully next week, right? (fingers crossed)

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition: Alicia Keys guest stars. The girls do a charity fashion show and a cheerleader-themed photo shoot.