Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the models had a challenge with Shenae Grimes as the photographer (don’t ask me why, cross-promotion I guess?) where they acted as taxidermied heads. Leila got top photo; Jesse was sent home. But not really, because now there’s a secondary competition where all the models who are “sent home” still do all the photo shoots (I guess so people don’t know if they’ve been sent home prior to the show airing) and can earn a spot back in the competition.

The show opens with the girls going back to the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House” and Leila’s top photo is up on the wall. Leila goes into the Tyra Suite and invites Laura to go in there with her. When you go to the Tyra Suite you get to choose from a bunch of clothes and makeup, but I want to know how much you get to choose. Like one outfit or all you can wear?

Tyra Mail: “Who’s gonna make the cut? Fierce and love, Tyra.”

That means makeovers! Hurray! Maria camera talks that she doesn’t want her hair to be cut. Destiny camera talks that the way Maria is acting is an embarrassment to Harvard, lol. It’s true, she had a shitty attitude at the last judging panel and now she’s straight up saying she’s not going to let Tyra cut her hair. Have a little respect, girlfriend.

The next day the girls show up to the Christophe Salon for their makeovers. Kelly and Johnny are there. Johnny says that inside the envelopes they are holding are the ideas of makeovers for the girls. Kelly says for the first time ever, the girls get to decide whether they want a makeover or not, but they don’t get to see what’s inside the envelope until they say yes or no on the makeover.

All of the girls say yes to their makeovers except for Maria and Victoria. Tyra shows up and has a conversation with Maria and Victoria and ask why they chose no. She tells them that in the fashion industry you’re a blank canvas, and that she seriously questions when a model says no to any sort of temporary change. Victoria starts to freak out and says her mom would’ve told her to take the makeover. Kelly talks to Maria and tells her no modeling agency would sign a girl who refuses to cut her hair. She also tells her that Maria is “committed to defending mediocrity.” Snap.

Destiny is getting long pieces in the front and shaved in back. She starts crying because she doesn’t want to look like a lesbian. Tyra has a talk with her and she asks why Destiny’s so worried about looking like a lesbian and basically just talks her down out of it. It’s not that Destiny doesn’t like lesbians, because I guess she does like girls (but currently has a boyfriend), she just doesn’t want to be defined as “the lesbian.”

P’trique shows up with foils in his/her hair/beard, and he/she has Tyra Mail. “As a top model your body of work is revealing to who you are. So make sure you get the right exposure.”

Back at the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House,” Maria camera talks that she’s over it and she goes to bed. All the models talk crap about Maria and the fact that she’s being so dumb about the whole makeover thing. Then, Kiara tells Allyssa to tell Darian not to be so loud past midnight. And all hell breaks loose. Darian’s like, I’m going to stay up as late as I want. And Kiara says, “I’m a real ass bitch.” Victoria is like the one voice of reason and says “‘I’m a real ass bitch?’ That’s not an argument.” Thank you, Victoria. You can stay another episode.

The next day the co-eds meet up with Johnny Wujek and Tony Duran, their photographer for the day, in some random gardens. Tony and Johnny announce that the girls are going to be modeling nude with a male model. Rob Evans comes out, and he’s the model they’re going to be modeling with!

I think the girls are pretty much covering all their bits and pieces in the photos, but some of the girls are concerned about posing nude. Actually just Maria. She says she doesn’t think she’s into enough to be in the competition. She tells Johnny that she wants to go home, and that modeling isn’t for her. And that’s that. She withdraws from the competition and goes home. Sigh. I hate it when people do that on reality TV shows. Like, really? A bajillion other people would kill to be in your place, and you’re just going to throw your spot away? Whatever. Johnny tells the rest of the girls that Maria has gone home, and everyone’s just like, good.

Back at the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House” Victoria starts freaking out more about not taking the makeover and she calls her mom in tears again. She says she can keep going in the competition, she just needs to hear her mom’s “words of encouragement.” Whatever works, I guess. Destiny is also still upset about the makeovers because she thinks her new haircut makes her look ugly.

Judging Panel

Because the girls had their makeovers this week, there was no challenge, and hence, no challenge score.

LauraKelly: 8, Tyra: 8, Rob: 10, Fan Vote: 6

DarianKelly: 5, Tyra: 7, Rob: 4, Fan Vote: 4.78

KiaraKelly: 4, Tyra: 9, Rob: 7, Fan Vote: 4.1

VictoriaKelly: 9, Tyra: 10, Rob: 9, Fan Vote: 6.2

BrittanyKelly: 10, Tyra: 10, Rob: 9, Fan Vote: 4.9

DestinyKelly: 7, Tyra: 6, Rob: 7, Fan Vote: 5.1

KristinKelly: 7, Tyra: 8, Rob: 6, Fan Vote: 6.9

LeilaKelly: 7, Tyra: 9, Rob: 10, Fan Vote: 6.2

YvonneKelly: 4, Tyra: 6, Rob: 6, Fan Vote: 4.81

NastasiaKelly: 7, Tyra: 6, Rob: 9, Fan Vote: 6.1

AllyssaKelly: 8, Tyra: 10, Rob: 9, Fan Vote: 5.9

Tyra has 11 beautiful women before her, but only 10 photos in her hands.

  1. Victoria gets best photo – 34.2
  2. Brittany – 33.9
  3. Allyssa – 32.9
  4. Leila – 32.2
  5. Laura – 32
  6. Nastasia – 28.1
  7. Kristin – 27.9
  8. Destiny – 25.1
  9. Kiara – 24.1

It comes down to Darian and Yvonne. Both end up with 20.8 points, but the fan vote made the decision by .03 points.

10. Yvonne – 20.8

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition: Tyler Perry shows up. Destiny and Kristin get into a fight.