Ah, my favorite channel, the CW.  I can’t remember the last time I turned on the CW, unless there was a Gilmore Girls rerun on.  It was probably around season two of One Tree Hill.  You know, before the show skipped forward four years and Tree Hill became the center of the music business.

But as always, the CW is back, trying again to get my viewership and failing miserably.  They’re coming at us this year with three new dramas.  This network actually airs no comedies (unless you count 90210).  So here it is, the masterpieces that I swear are written by angry high schoolers who shop at Hot Topic.

Emily Owens, MDPremiere Date: Tuesday, October 16th at 9pm Eastern

Logline: An awkward med-school graduate discovers working in a hospital is a lot like high school (you know, except for going to gym class, you’re saving lives).

Who’s Involved? Marnie Gummer (who already has medical experience from Off The Map).

Will I Watch? I already learned that working in a hospital is a lot like high school from watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Will It Last?  The Tuesday night competition is high at 9pm, but then again, Hart Of Dixie is still on the air.  I think the CW is trying to make a name for themselves with obnoxious female-driven medical dramas.  ABC is going to sue.

ArrowPremiere Date: Wednesday, October 10th at 8pm Eastern

Logline: After accidently killing his father and girlfriend’s sister, Queen learns how to be an archer in the desert and comes back to exact revenge on his father’s enemies as a vigilante superhero.

Who’s Involved? Stephen Amell (you know him from that guest spot on that show you watch).

Will I Watch? No.  I don’t think I need to explain.

Will It Last?  Between Revenge, Batman and The Hunger Games, a rich secret vigilante archer actually has a shot.

Beauty and the BeastPremiere Date: Thursday, October 11th at 9pm Eastern

Logline: A remake of the 1987 procedural of the same name.  Still not sure what that means.

Who’s Involved? Some CW stars.

Will I Watch? No, I’m 27.

Will It Last?  Up against Glee, The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. Will there be any viewers left?

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