NBC is bringing the most new shows this year with seven, two dramas, three comedies and our only reality show of the new season.  It seems like they’re going with some pretty safe ideas giving all seven shows a shot at making it…and one of them already is (it premiered in August).

RevolutionPremiere Date: Monday, September 17th at 10pm Eastern

Logline: In a post-apocalyptic world, survivors struggle to find power.  Literally.  There’s no electricity.

Who’s Involved? JJ Abrams (Lost) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural) are behind the scenes of this drama starring Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) and Giancarlo Esposito (Once Upon A Time).

Will I Watch? Yes, yes and yes.  You say JJ, I say, “What time?”  I don’t care that the last two minutes of Lost ruined everything.

Will It Last?  With “The Voice” as a lead-in, little competition on a Monday night, as well as the Abrams name, gives this thing a decent shot.  Then again, we thought Terra Nova was a sure thing.

Chicago FirePremiere Date: Wednesday, October 10th at 10pm Eastern

Logline: A procedural following Firehouse 51.

Who’s Involved? Produced by Dick Wolf (all the Law & Orders) and starring cute boys.

Will I Watch? Firemen are hot and I’m told they’ll be shirtless.

Will It Last?  Dick Wolf knows how to do two things:  make procedurals and keep them on the air.

Go OnPremiere Date: Tuesday, September 11th at 9pm Eastern

Logline: A sportscaster joins a support group after his wife dies (a comedy, actually).

Who’s Involved?  MATTHEW PERRY!!!

Will I Watch?  Um, Matthew Perry?

Will It Last?  I really want Chandler Bing to have a successful sitcom, post-Friends.  He deserves it.

The New NormalPremiere Date: Tuesday, September 11th at 9:30pm Eastern

Logline: Two gay men hire a surrogate to carry their baby.

Who’s Involved? Created by Ryan Murphy (Glee) and starring Justin Bartha (the guy they lost in The Hangover)

Will I Watch?   I love Justin Bartha so I’ll give it a chance.

Will It Last?  This is the first show to be boycotted by One Million Moms which unfortunately can have an effect (see:  The Playboy Club, oh wait…you can’t).

Animal PracticePremiere Date: Wednesday, September 26th at 8pm Eastern

Logline: A medical comedy at a veterinarian.

Who’s Involved? Starring Justin Kirk (Weeds).

Will I Watch?  I like comedies, animals and Justin Kirk.

Will It Last?  Opening the Wednesday night line-up is not easy, especially when you’re up against a seasoned comedy like The Middle and two incredibly popular reality shows like Survivor and The X Factor.  But shows have survived worse.

Guys With KidsPremiere Date: Wednesday, September 26th at 8:30pm Eastern

Logline: Three guys living in the same apartment building raise their kids.

Who’s Involved? From Jimmy Fallon and stars Anthony Anderson (Law & Order), Zac Cregger (The Whitest Kids U’Know) and Jesse Bradford (Bring It On).

Will It Last? This one and “Animal Practice” are in the same boat.  The question is, what’s cuter?  Puppies or kids?

Stars Earn StripesPremiere Date: Monday, August 13th at 8pm Eastern

Logline: Celebrities (and I use that word pretty loosely) compete in military style challenges.

Who’s Involved?  From producers Dick Wolf (Law & Order) and Mark Burnett (Survivor) this stars celebrities like Nick Lachey, Dean Cain, and Todd Palin.  Like I said, loosely.

Will I Watch? It’s already premiered and I had no idea, so I guess not.

Will It Last?  Apparently it’s already lasted almost a month.

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