Season 2 Episode 1: Relaunch

As we head into Season 2 of The New Girl, we can’t wait to find out what is going on with our crazy but loveable roommates. Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is about to get his “man cast” off, and in a hilarious opening scene, asks Jess (Zooey Deschanel) to scratch an itch through his garbage diaper.

Shortly after, tragedy strikes as Jess gets fired from her job as a middle school teacher. Appropriately, she entitled to take one missing item out of the lost and found as she departs. She takes a tiny, glittery silver top hat. So Jess. Meanwhile, in order to celebrate his “coming out”, Schmidt had devised a plan to get Cece (Hannah Simone) back: throw a rebranding party, of course. Everyone already guessing that Schmidt’s “rebranding” will be danger. Cece and Schmidt haven’t spoken all summer since they broke up. Remember, Schmidt broke up with Cece to pre-empt their inevitable break up, since they are so perfect together they won’t last. Convenient plot device, New Girl writers.

The guys try to rally around Jess in and convince her to hone her skills as a shot girl at Schmidt’s rebranding party. Jess is really positive about the whole firing thing in her eternally sunny, exhausting Jess way. At the party, she competes with another brunette (a weird cameo by Chelsea Handler) for who can give the best-shot girl impression.

Cece in an attempt to spoil Schmidt’s party shows up with a new boyfriend, a dorky look “liberty bell shaped” guy. Why does Cece settle for the sweet but helpless guy but not Schmidt? Is it because they are too perfect together? And of course, in other coupledom head scratchers, Jess and Nick (Jake Johnson) are perfect for each other. When Jess is helpless at shot pouring, Nick gives her a knowing look. When she seeks solace at the place of her firing after the night is over, Nick knows exactly where to find her. I love this show, but I hate how obvious it can be. C’mon New Girl writers, surprise us a little. Will Nick and Jess get together next episode? I’m guessing it will take till at least mid season.


Season 2 Episode 2: Katie

Jess is fully in her unemployment mode, cooking and cleaning and going crazy.

“Are you cooking a frittata in a sauce pan? What is this prison?” Schmidt seriously continues to be by far the best thing about this show. Jess, at the insistence of Nick, decides to give up on being Betty Crocker and go off the grid at Nick’s bar to get drunk and find the meaning of life.

Meanwhile, Winston’s mother and sister have come to visit and guess what? Winston’s sister (Keenyah Hill) looks nothing like a hotter version of Winston (Lamorne Morris). Nevertheless, Schmidt decides to make a play for the LA Sparks player, crashing the team dinner and in a funny end of episode scene play one on one for a chance at a date with her. That Schmidt, ever the eternal optimist!

Back at the bar, Jess pretends to be a girl (Katie the dancer) that a cute guy, Sam (David Walton) met on “cupidmatch”, obviously making fun of all those OKCupid hookups. It’s OK guys. It happens to us all.

An old guy tells Nick he’s him from the future and he tells him about himself and says he likes everyone 3 feet from where he is. Deep Old Nick, Deep. Old Nick says Young Nick gives up on love too easily – hint hint, get with Jess!!!

Sam, proving that no good-looking guy in LA could possibly have a good personality, divulges that he’s been to 48 Creed shows. Ah, a Creed jokes! It might be a long season after all. Jess has sex with cute guy Sam, with a hilarious explanation of sex including seeing her grandparents and scaring teenagers.

The guys play along with the fact that she’s Katie the dancer; Nick even does a fake interpretive dance. And Nick, who obviously is in love with Jess, gives Jess not the number of another cute guy (Andy) from the bar, but the number of a loveable loser named Bear Claw (the nickname involves a well placed tattoo, played by Josh Gad).

Back at Bar Nick continues to talk to his future, and Old Nick tells her to tell Jess he’s sorry and make her an old fashioned. Then he crawls back into his box outside the bar with his tin foil hat and English accent. Of course.

Jess gets caught in a tryst with Sam in front of Andy and Bear Claw. Something approaching hilarity ensues. Sam shows up again and says, I don’t care that you’ve lied; we’ve all lied on our profiles. So Katie and Sam are still on! It’s so obvious that the writers are coming up with every plot device in the book to make sure Nick and Jess stay apart, so why should we argue? Let’s see if they come up with anything really inventive next week. Schmidt continues to be the start of the show. Bravo Max Greenfield, you are a revelation.