Nine years after the opening of Finding Nemo, we are back again, still searching for that favorite clown fish, as Disney/Pixar has released Finding Nemo 3D. The 3D craze has struck again as another film is getting its turn to bring in more money. Surely there are very few of us who have not already seen Nemo, but with stellar vocal talent, humorous and heart warming content, mixed with beautiful underwater animation, it’s worth another look.

Finding Nemo stars Albert Brooks as Marlin, the very cautious and overly protective father of Nemo, voiced by Alexander Gould. Marlin lost his wife and most of his children when a predator came by their home and knocked out Marlin and devoured the rest. The only survivor was Nemo. Nemo’s egg was damaged resulting in Nemo having a little fin. Marlin’s cautious behavior was brought on by him losing everything but Nemo and he is determined to never lose his son.

On Nemo’s first day of school he is captured by a diver and Marlin chases the boat but can’t keep up. With Nemo gone, Marlin heads out into unknown waters in search of him.  This is where he (literally) runs into Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. Marlin and Dory go through a number of adventures from escaping sharks to riding sea turtles and escaping seagulls.

Meanwhile, Nemo is living in a fish tank in a dentist’s office in Sydney. Nemo meets some other fish who have never been in the ocean. Gill, voiced by Willem Dafoe, is the only fish who has been in the ocean and sees Nemo as his way back. Gill comes up with a crazy plan that will have all the fish out of the tank and in the ocean within days. Of course no plan is without its obstacles and this plan gets derailed and all hope is lost until a pelican lands by the window and shares the story of the brave clown fish fighting his way to find his son. Nemo realizes his father is braving the ocean to find him and manages to escape into the ocean. Father and son have a few passes before they finally are reunited. Marlin realizes he needs to let his son go a bit and trust in him. In doing so, Nemo saves Dory from being caught by fishermen and our story has a happy ending.

A wonderfully warm and humorous script by Andrew Stanton is what won Nemo an Oscar in 2004 for Best Animated Feature. Seeing this movie again make one wonder why DeGeneres doesn’t do more voice over work because she is wonderful. The 3D element is fun but this film has felt like it was already in 3D. If you missed seeing this film on the big screen nine years ago, head out and see it now. The 3D elements are nothing special and nothing you wouldn’t already expect. Disney re-releases and 3D versions always make the studio some cash and this will be no exception. Nothing wrong with seeing a favorite at the theater again, but don’t expect to be wowed with the 3D.