Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the models had a video-game challenge and a steam punk-themed photo shoot. Laura got best picture; Yvonne was sent home.

The girls are back at the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House” after judging. Laura got best photo last week and she talks about living in the shadow of her parents (her dad was on Dynasty and her mom was a full-time model); she wants to prove to the world that she doesn’t need their help to get into the modeling world.

Victoria camera talks that it was the first week she was in the bottom two models. She says she felt like she was going to black out when her name was called – such a weirdo drama queen. Laura decides she’s going to stay by herself in the Tyra Suite this week. Allyssa camera talks that she’s determined to get into the Tyra Suite and be memorable. I forget about her every week, so good luck with that baby.

Kiara says that she’s taken on the “mother” role of the house. She makes chili for everyone, but Victoria passes because she says she doesn’t eat red meat. Victoria camera talks that she misses her mother so much she just hasn’t had the desire to eat as much as when she’s at home. Kiara camera talks that Victoria has weird eating habits and that she’s worried about her. Kristin camera talks that Victoria exercises but doesn’t eat, and that she’s definitely lost weight during the competition.

Bryanboy shows up at the house with Marissa Montgomery, designer/host of Nylon TV. Bryanboy announces that the girls are going on a road trip to Palm Springs. Their challenge is called “Random Acts of Modeling,” where they have to do normal, everyday things, but have to be “modelesque” about it. They also get to record a video message. The girls are going to be split into two teams; one girl from the winning team will get to host a segment on Nylon TV.

The girls eave in their respective RVs for Palm Springs. Team 1 is Laura, Kristin, Allyssa, and Brittany. Team 2 is Kiara, Nastasia, and Victoria. Victoria says she’s going to “bring out the weird.” Because apparently she hasn’t been weird enough so far. Team 2’s first pit stop is in front of a replica of the statue of liberty. They all pose with the statue, which is NOT a random act of modeling. Team 1’s first stop is at an amusement park. Only two of them have random acts of modeling – Laura fiercely eating some cotton candy and Allyssa fiercely buying a ticket.

Stop two for Team 2 is at a motel, and Kiara gets a random act of modeling fiercely reading a magazing. Team 1 stops at a restaurant and Allyssa gets a random act of modeling fiercely using spicy sauce. Team 2 shows up at the same restaurant, and Laura says they look overdressed. Kristin has a random act of modeling fiercely washing her hands; Brittany has a random act of modeling fiercely reading a map.

At the restaurant, Kiara puts sauce all over her face and chest, and it looks really nasty; she has a random act of modeling fiercely eating chicken wings. Victoria then puts ranch dressing all over her chin and has this whole story about how she has fried chicken in one hand, which is unhealthy, and carrots in the other hand, which is healthy, and she’s shunning the healthy for the unhealthy. They go on their way, and Kiara realizes that Victoria either deleted her video or didn’t record her in the first place. They stop again for her to do her video, and Victoria is miffed because she has a lot of takes and she wouldn’t let Victoria redo her video earlier.

Team 1 stops at a windmill farm, and it’s super windy. Brittany’s contact blows out of her eye, but she still gets a random act of modeling fiercely hitchhiking. They go on their way, and Brittany says they all smell like “little boy sweat,” which is different from regular sweat, I guess. Everyone arrives at their hotel in Palm Springs, and they are met by Bryanboy and Marvin Scott Jarrett, editor-in-chief of NYLON Magazine. Marvin is the co-judge and he says very few of the girls actually did random acts of modeling. Team 1 was the best team, and Laura won the challenge. Bryanboy gives them their challenge scores and Victoria is upset because she gets one of the lowest scores.

Johnny shows up and says they’re going to use the fact that they’re tired and dirty and stinky to their advantage, putting them into situations where they’re uncomfortable or caught off guard. They’re basically doing a photo shoot where they’re all trashed and/or hungover. Douglas Friedman is the photographer.

During the shoot all the girls are eating on set, except for Victoria, who is noticeably not eating. Victoria says she has to redeem herself, so she goes on set with another story. Here’s the story: she’s lost her virginity, and she’s freaking out, and she needs to take a pregnancy test. She doesn’t even know who it was, she doesn’t know what happened. And she’s Baptist, so it’s really bad. She can’t be pregnant and she can’t have an abortion.” The whole time she’s telling this story Johnny’s jaw is on the floor, it’s hilarious. After her shoot Douglas was just like, “that was a real experience.”

The girls get back to the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House” and Victoria calls her mom hysterically crying. Her mom says it’s ridiculous if she can’t even “taste food” anymore and she’s losing weight, and says she should just get home. Once she gets off the phone, Nastasia asks if she needs to go home. She says she’s never seen Victoria eat and that she exercises way more than she eats. Brittany says she looks different than when she first started and they’re starting to get worried that she’s unhealthy.

Judging Panel

BrittanyKelly: 8, Tyra: 10, Rob: 9, Challenge 6, Fans: 6.24

KiaraKelly: 8, Tyra: 7, Rob: 9, Challenge: 7, Fans: 4.89

LauraKelly: 6, Tyra: 7, Rob: 6, Challenge: 9, Fans: 4.94

KristinKelly: 8, Tyra: 8, Rob: 8, Challenge: 8, Fans: 6.13

NastasiaKelly: 9, Tyra: 10, Rob: 10, Challenge: 6, Fans: 5.23

AllyssaKelly: 4, Tyra: 8, Rob: 5, Challenge: 7, Fans: 5.01

VictoriaKelly: 8, Tyra: 8, Rob: 9, Challenge: 6, Fans: 5.7

As Victoria is judged, the girls bring up to Tyra that Victoria isn’t healthy and hasn’t been eating. Victoria claims that she does eat and that she’s just homesick. Tyra says that it’s a big concern for her and that if Victoria makes the cut this week she’s going to keep a close eye on her. If she sees Victoria restricting, she will have to go home.

Tyra has 7 beautiful young ladies standing before her, but she only has 6 photos in her hands.

  1. Nastasia gets best picture – 42.2
  2. Brittany – 39.2
  3. Kristin – 38.1
  4. Victoria – 36.7
  5. Kiara – 35.9

It comes down to Laura and Allyssa. Laura got best photo last week, but this week that girl had left the building. Allyssa is beautiful and statuesque with strong eyes, strong body movement, and strong smiles, but from week to week something’s happening. Although she got the higher social media score, Allyssa gets sent home with a 29. Oh how the mighty have fallen, Laura.

6. Laura – 32.9

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition: the girls have go-sees. Kristin and Victoria get into an argument. Kiara and Victoria are still at odds.