Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the models had a Nylon TV challenge where they had to do normal, everyday things, but be “modelesque” about it. They then had a dirty, nasty “morning after” photo shoot. The other girls accused Victoria of having an eating disorder, and Tyra said going forward she would keep an eye on her. Nastasia got best picture; Allyssa was sent “home” (but really she was sent to the side competition).

It’s after judging, and the girls are back at the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House.” Laura camera talks about being in the bottom two last week. Apparently she didn’t want to be in the bottom two (because everyone else loves being in that spot). Brittany gets a letter from her sister and she feels encouraged to do better in the competition.

The next day, the girls are talking about who will come back in the competition. It’s based on the voted out girls’ social media scores, so they think it might be between Leila and Allyssa. Everyone one sits down to eat a meal, and Victoria comes in and eats with them. Victoria camera talks that she feels like eye daggers are being thrown at her. Kristin straight up tells Victoria that she thinks she isn’t stable enough to be in the competition. Wow. Okay, we’re just gonna throw it out there then. Victoria says she’s feeling better, and Kristin tells her not to start something she’s not going to be able to handle. WTF? Kristin is such a bitch/bully…she’s a bitly…a bultch? Yeah, I said it…bultch. It’s an ugly word for an ugly girl. Kiara says they’re trying to help Victoria, but she keeps everything inside. Finally, Victoria asks if they can just call a truce.

Tyra Mail: “A good first will get you more bang for your buck! Fierce and Love, Tyra”

The girls get on the Top Model bus and meet up with PR Maven Kelly Cutrone at Smashbox. Kelly tells the girls that they’re going to be going on “go-sees” to book actual jobs. The girls are paired up to go see as many clients as possible in five hours. The girl who books the most jobs wins the challenge.

Kiara and Victoria are paired up and they go to see Whitney Port. Victoria is incredibly excited to meet Whitney and keeps talking over Kiara, which pisses off Kiara. Whitney also mentions that Victoria seems overly excited. Nastasia and Laura are paired up and have saved Guess for last. They only have 20 minutes left on the clock, but Laura starts crying because she wanted to go to Guess so bad. I didn’t think they were going to make it, but they make it back to Smashbox with about three seconds to spare. Here is who the designers picked:

  • Cecilia Cassini (who is 13 years old, by the way) picked Kiara
  • Lulu Guinness picked Nastasia
  • Charlotte Ronson picked Kristin
  • Whitney Port picked Laura
  • Guess picked Laura

Laura won the challenge. Victoria and Brittany are distressed because they didn’t book any jobs. The girls get treated to a dinner out and that ugly bitch P’Trique shows up with some Tyra Mail: “A Top Model knows her best angles. So make sure you stay in line and keep a straight face.”

The models go back to the “America’s Next Top Model: College Edition Sorority House” and their challenge scores are up. Laura got a bunch of clothes from the designers because she won the challenge. Kristin camera talks that Laura is going to be the death of her because she’s the perfect package.

The next day, the girls show up at a prison for their photo shoot. For some reason they put all the girls through the booking process. Apparently tons of college students get arrested each year for crimes like drunk driving, assault, drugs, at shop lifting. So this is their message that going to jail is not glamorous. Except in the very next breath Johnny Wujek explains their photo shoot theme, which is 50s retro-themed bad girl. The photographer is Mark “The Cobra Snake” Hunter. Seriously, that’s his name…and he kind of looks like a huge creep.

Victoria is in character again. She’s southern and she’s there for shoplifting lipstick. Johnny says sometimes Victoria gets too into character, and he has to talk to her about it, but afterwards she “nails it.” Kiara is very upset about being at the prison because she actually did get arrested for reals when she was 18 for shoplifting. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but “the cobra” was in three different outfits during the shoot. One of the outfits looks like a giant striped onesie. What’s up with that?

Judging Panel

KristinKelly: 8, Tyra: 7, Rob: 8, Challenge 6.5, Fans: 6.277

NastasiaKelly: 7, Tyra: 8, Rob: 7, Challenge 6.5, Fans: 4.835

VictoriaKelly: 6, Tyra: 8, Rob: 7, Challenge 7.3, Fans: 4.326

KiaraKelly: 7, Tyra: 7, Rob: 9, Challenge 7.5, Fans: 4.310

BrittanyKelly: 6, Tyra: 7, Rob: 5, Challenge 6.7, Fans: 5.644

LauraKelly: 9, Tyra: 9, Rob: 9, Challenge 7.5, Fans: 6.465

Tyra has 6 beautiful young ladies standing before her, but she only has 5 photos in her hands.

  1. Laura gets best photo – 41.0
  2. Kristin – 35.8
  3. Kiara – 34.8
  4. Nastasia – 33.3

It comes down to Brittany and Victoria. Both are the only girls that did not book a job. Victoria knows how to bring character to a photo, but there are inconsistencies. Brittany was struggling to figure out her persona. Even though she got the higher social media score, Brittany gets eliminated with a 30.3.

5. Victoria – 32.6

But hold up! All of the eliminated girls have still been doing the photo shoots, and their photos have been posted online along with the other girls. They bring out all of the eliminated girls to see who had the highest average social media score on their photos, and who will re-enter the competition. But not yet! To be continued…

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition: One girl will be brought back into the competition as the models are sent to Jamaica.