Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) gets a visit from her past in the form of her former partner, Aiden (Barry Sloan), from the Takeda training days. Flashback to 2008, and we learn that he and Em’ were fierce rivals and he is allegedly sent to the Hamptons to protect her. Hard to tell his true intentions when a dash of star crossed love and betrayal gets thrown into the mix.


Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) reveals that the White Haired Man (James Morrison) saved her from a watery, explody grave thanks to an eleventh hour phone call, but Daniel Grayson (Jason Bowman ) isn’t so sure. Despite Charlotte’s pleas, Victoria can’t trust her own son with the truth just yet.


Declan (Connor Paolo) continues to run with a bad crowd, going on a burgle-tastic spree to presumably to help save his not-so-nuclear family from ruin. Not surprisingly, Declan gets caught, but… I mean, leaving one’s driver’s license at the scene of the crime? Hmmm…set up, perhaps? Either way, things are weighing heavily on an increasingly emo Jack (Nick Wechsler) and needless to say, things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows over at the townie bar.


Victoria calls a press conference to discuss the matters of her abduction. She has Emily over for a little tea and tete a tete, urging our dark heroine not to speak to the press and steer clear of the family. Buuut telling Emily to stay away is well, just plain silly. Victoria and Conrad (Henry Czerny) continue their frosty, forced togetherness while they openly plot to take each other down. It doesn’t hurt that they still think the White Haired Man is still alive and threatening them, and Emily has Aiden to thank for that little idea. Will everyone ever be on the same page??


Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) drops a bombshell during a press interview thanks to Amanda quietly delivering one of David Clarke’s journals. AND just in the nick of time, Daniel discovers his mother’s forged passport, realizing his mother was planning on fleeing. But just when you’d think ol’ Vicky would crawl into bed and hide, she shoves her family on stage very publicly admits that Charlotte is the spawn of David Clarke, and openly welcomes Amanda Clarke into the family.


We finally learn that Kara Clarke (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is alive and well and managing a grimy motel on the outskirts of town (conveniently where the White Haired Man stashed the downed airplane’s black box). But was her knowledge of the mysterious assassin a bit more… intimate? Thanks to a recovered SIM card, Emily seems to have uncovered a shock of her own at the close of the episode.


What will unfold next week? Tune in Sunday for more…


Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9:00 PM on ABC.