On tonight’s episode of Revenge, Aiden (Barry Sloan) reveals that not only was Emily’s (Emily Van Camp’s) mom totally nut balls, but that she was also married to uber creep White Haired Man/Gordon. So on top of a near-drowning at her mother’s hands, Em’ is seriously treading on some thin ice. Turns out mommy dearest begged her husband to tell their daughter she died in order to escape her shame and instability.

Kara Clarke (Jennifer Jason Leigh) shows up at casa de Grayson unexpectedly, embracing Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) in a most Single White Female-ly Way. After a tense tete-a-tete, Victoria calls Conrad (Henry Czerny) in a panic, causing all sorts of uncertainty in Grayson-land and wondering if Kara was the source of all of the blackmail woes. So what’s the most logical course of action? Invite Kara to crash at your pad!

Aiden infiltrates Grayson Global under the guise of billionaire Takeda’s proxy, overhearing Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) tell Daniel (Joshua Bowman) that someone is requesting access to David Clarke’s files. Turns out its Nolan’s CFO Padma and, after a brief meeting with Daniel, another fishy plot begins to swirl. Padma claims that she doesn’t like the idea of a terrorist being involved in Nolan’s company, yet his company was never under the Grayson umbrella. Hmmm…

A little later in the ep’, Emily blows up Nolan’s date, letting him know that Padma is nosing around and getting close to knowing the truth about David Clarke’s ties to Nolcor and Aiden slithers in, furthering the inevitable conclusion that Nolcor is actually property of Grayson Global thanks to an exclusivity agreement in David Clarke’s contract.

Dry business banter aside, Amanda (Margarita Levieva) is out of her coma (boo) and meets her son for the first time. Emily offers mother and child a place to stay, a kind gesture in Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) eyes considering his mess at home with the necessary repairs to the bar and Declan’s legal woes.

In the hospital, Emily comes face to face with her mother just in time for busybody extraordinaire Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) to bust in on their chat. He catches a glimpse of something (missing?) from Amanda’s back and well, yet another questionable sub-plot begins. Turns out it’s a burn scar from an accident at a foster home that well, Emily doesn’t have either, but supposedly this is Treadwell’s key to exposing the whole Amanda/Emily switcheroo. Looks like next week we have an epic Grayson wedding… but will it prove to be the panacea that expect it to be?

Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9:00 PM Pacific on ABC.