Emily (Emily VanCamp) susses out Aiden’s (Barry Sloan) plan, questioning his ruse as a detective to find the downed jet’s flight recorder and with it, Kara Clarke’s (Jennifer Jason Leigh) connection to the White Haired Man (yikes- they’re married??). Aiden goes rogue and returns to the Kara’s motel, this time with a little high powered back up. But just when he thinks he has all of the info at his fingertips, he gets a BIG shock -literally from Kara.

Conrad and Victoria continue their tense reunion while the Grayson children grow suspicous about their new increasingly secure surroundings. Charlotte (Christa B. Allen), has a disconcerting dear in headlights look post-rehab imprisonment, but hopefully her refined feistiness returns later in the season.

Ashley (Ashley Madekwe), still under Conrad’s thumb, agrees to keep an eye on Daniel (Joshua Bowman). She goes as far as following Daniel to his Manhattan office, uncovering a plot to expose Conrad (Henry Czerny) in order to protect the rest of the family. But just as Ashley was getting some dirt, Conrad blows up her phone and Danil raises a bushy eyebrow of suspicion. Clearly onto her little game, Danny boy snags his girlfriend’s phone confirming that she and Conrad are in cohoots. Ashley chooses sides and ditches poor Connie, which one can imagine, isn’t a good move.

Amanda is forced to bunk with Emily after Jack/baby daddy kicks her out thanks to the awkward/weird situation with the Graysons. Em’ forces Amanda into taking $100,000 for David Clarke’s journals in order to crib Vicky’s signature. Which, naturally turns into trouble later on.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) continues to schlep through his mundane business dealings such as opening dusty piles of mail. But in between a stack of junk mail, Padma reveals that Nolan’s father has passed away and his belongings must be claimed ASAP. Given the inherently duplicitous nature of EVERYONE on the show, Padma must have some kind of ulterior motive because well… love is dead.

Over in townie land, Declan’s little partner in crime has been playing him for a fool, setting up the brothers for a serious swindling of their beloved bar. Poor Jack (Nick Wechsler) agrees to pay $20,000 to the jilted rich dude, but alas… it’s a plot to steal the bar away from the brothers.

Towards the end of the ep’, Emily crashes Amanda’s (Margarita Levieva) swank baby shower, just in time to witness the girl of the hour bringing her girls “from the club” to Grayson Manor. After a lovely afternoon of strippers and society types, Amanda and Victoria steal a few moments to discuss the transaction of David Clarke’s journals. BUT the real reason for wanting the check? To snag Victoria’s signature to prove she falsified records at the mental ward holding Kara Clarke. Conveniently just as Emily loses her video surveillance, Victoria reveals the ugly truth that Kara tried to kill her own daugher.. THEN.

Amanda falls over the f’ing foyer railing!!!

We close in the hospital with the induced birth of a nameless baby boy and Kara Clarke showing up, stroking her comatose “daughter’s” face while a horrified Emily looks on. What have you done, girl?? Hopefully we’ll find out next week…


Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9:00 PM on ABC.