In “Fluffer”, Jess and Nick continue to have cute chemistry while Jess questions her new relationship with Sam. It seems that its all sex no talk for the new couple. When Jess and the guys’ “friend date” turns into a private rendezvous for Jess and Nick, Nick realizes that he’s the substitute for the substance (or lack thereof) of Sam. Meanwhile Winston and Shelby are having troubles in the romance department. We don’t care. In predictably the best story line of the episode, Schmidt hilariously pretends to be Tagg Romney (one of the five Romney sons) to gain an entry to a club that his new idol Kanye is hanging out at. Cece turns up at the club. Clearly, Schmidt is still trying to get Cece back. Cece calls out Schmidt as wanting Romney for the dad he never had. Cece gives Schmidt exactly what he needs : understanding, when the girls he’s chasing find out he’s not Tagg Romney.
Jess is happy when she is able to have “meaningless sex” with Sam “thanks to Nick” that night. Winston accuses Nick of being Jess’s emotional fluffer. “I’m your boyfriend without the rewards” Nick says. Jess and Nick fight and agree that it would never work out between them. They drive each other crazy, they agree. Winston convinces Nick that he needs to set boundaries with Jess, including not building her a dresser. Jess fesses up to being confused about her relationship with Nick. They agree that they’re friends who are sometimes attracted to each other. Why in the world can’t the The Girl writers come up with better story lines than “Jess and Nick should get together” and “Schmidt still loves Cece.” Plus, in order to invest in Winston as a character, they HAVE to come up with some better story lines than this. Maybe next week. Oh and by the way, Nick builds the dresser.