It’s Halloween and New Girl is celebrating. Let’s get right to it. We find out Jess’s hookup Sam is a pediatrician who’s great with kids. Score, one Jess! This was a big suprise, but actually makes sense when you realize Sam is into the “trip to no pants city” with no strings attach. Doctors don’t have time for feelings and such. But Jess is starting to develop feelings and doesn’t know how to approach the situation.
Meanwhile, Nick’s old college crush comes back in town and Nick is desperate to impress. He beds her in no time. It turns out she is terrible and bed and Nick’s fantasy is ruined. But still, score one, Nick! Jess invites Sam to the last night of her haunted house gig (in which in true Jess style, she dresses as a Zombie Woody Allen) and determines that if Sam shows up in costume, he likes her for real. Winston and Shelby are still having problems. Still, no one cares…Please cancel Winston.

Schmidt tries to break up CeCe and Robby by dressing up as a super handsome young Abraham Lincoln! Emancipation jokes all around! Schmidt tries to head butt Robby—twice– while Robby eats a fried mozzarella stick?But in the end, Schmidt makes good with Robby and Cece, and is cool with hang out as an awkaward threesome. But Cece still has eyes for Schmidt, obviously.

When Nick’s supposed chemistry with his college buddy goes flat, he goes crying to Jess. He compares haunted houses to relationships… because everyone gets scared? Nick spies Sam texting another girl and has the haunted house to tell her and find her. Predictably, Nick is scared of haunted houses. And gets a beat down from all of the creepy folks inside, which by far the most fun I’ve had in several episodes of New Girl. However, Jess confesses her true feelings, Sam isn’t interested. At least that breaks off things cleanly.

Nick’s crush Amelia confesses that she purposely sabotaged their time together to get back at Nick for not confessing his true feelings. Score one, Amelia!

Nick and Jess, back together again. When will we actually see this happen? Your guess is as good as mine. But I like seeing the characters evolve this week. Nick learning a lesson from the past, Jess learning that she truly wants more than a booty call, and Schmidt realizing he can be friends with Cece—for now. Growth is positive people. It should’nt take a Halloween holiday however to bring about these revelations. Sadly, New Girl, besides the humorous Woody Allen references, left me rather flat this week, and I found myself counting down to the Mindy Project. You see, I want be BFF with Mindy, be her even, but I don’t feel that with any of New Girl’s characters. Sure Jess is fun to watch in action, but she would be quite the annoying friend. As would the guys really. So we’ll see. Can New Girl transform the characters into more relatable personas? I think that will be the ultimate test as to whether this show lasts another season. And from what I’ve gleaned from ratings, both shows need to step it up. See you next week!