And we’re back after taking a break for Presidential Debate-y stuff. I know, what could possibly be more important than an episode of The New Girl? This week’s episode was a whole lotta “fluffer” and not a lot of anything else. Perhaps the writers got my note that I was sick of the “Nick and Jess” storyline and gave up on it all together?

We start the show with Jess and CeCe getting together for CeCe’s birthday. In the past, they girls spent the day doing each other’s hair and watching Clueless —duh! But CeCe is a big girl now, and prefers a night on the town to her and Jess’s old school ritual. Jess agrees to head out with CeCe and her English-challenged friend Nadia. While at the club, Jess feels horribly out of place amongst CeCe’s model friends, and gets into it with CeCe. Jess thinks she is better than these beautiful air head types, and they inevitable tussle- with their boobs. While CeCe and Jess’s argument may have not been the most mature, it definitely smacks of realism. Who hasn’t had a stupid, silly fight with your BFFAEAE?

The next day Jess feels a soreness in her chest, and it isn’t just from the boob fight. She apologizes to CeCe, who boozed it up in her absence, and eventually gets called to stand in for CeCe at her job while she nurses her hangover. Obviously, this friendship means a lot to both of them. But somehow I feel a fight over a man coming on—and I don’t think its Schmidt. I mean, the writers have to artificially put two attractive women at odds at all time, right?

Speaking of everyone’s favorite NJB (that’s Nice Jewish Boy for those not in the know) the boys’ storyline this week focuses on Nick and Schmidt. Winston, yeah, no one cares. STILL. The boys get to have just a plain silly story for tonight. Schmidt gives Nick a cookie. Nick being the suspicious crotchety old man that he is, feigns disbelief at Schmidt’s unwarranted niceties. In the end, Nick understands that Schmidt is akin to a pet turtle: useless, but there to make you feel less lonely. And mostly a pain in the butt.

So while this episode had its moments, it didn’t really hit on any of the plot points of the season. We are left to wonder about Nick and Jess, CeCe and Schmidt, Winston and whatsherface, and of course, what’s going down with the new hipster neighbors. Until next week!