In Neighbors, the guys and specifically Schmidt are horrified with Jess’s complacent attitude toward her under unemployed life style. They encourage her to get off the couch, stop watching 80’s sitcoms, and get a real job. Meanwhile, new neighbors move in across the hall and expose the gang as not as young and hip as they thought. They attempt to bond with the new neighbors by bringing over casserole and attempting to be cool. The young crew understands Jess’s need to roam aimlessly career wise. They enjoy her 80’s catchphrases, un-ironically The juxtaposition between Jess’s crew and the young guns really illustrates the inter-generational conflict of the younger and older Millenials: Grow up and be successful no matter what the cost (like Schmidt) or get lost in a Peter Pan like indulgent phase for as long as you feel like. Though Jess fits in well with her new semi-hipster friends, we know that she is much better suited for her hyper-aware, over planned, over analyzed world.
Meanwhile Nick attempts to pull a series of pranks on Schmidt, just because, with varying degrees of humor. Schmidt thinks he is shrinking, that he has hip problem, and suddenly has indigestion, thanks to Nick. In his struggles, he capitulates to Jess and asks her to help him become hip again. His t-shit, scarf and toms get it when he hangs out with the neighbors is alone worth watching this episode for. When Schmidt finds out the kids hate him not because he’s getting old, but because he’s a jerk, he is rejunvinated.
Also, Winston asks for a promotion at work and gets it. We still don’t care. Can we give up on Winston already>? At the end of the epsidoe, Jess throws on a blazer and heads to a tutoring job. My heart is all warm and fuzzy now. There are some great one liners in Neighbors that are both timely and original, but the pranking side plot fell a bit flat. Jess and Nick’s will they or won’t they relationship survives another week.