Getting all four chairs to turn around on The Voice doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an amazing singer *cough* Cassadee Pope *cough* but it does mean you have quadrupled your chances of gaining viewers’ attention and votes later on, if they remember you had a four chair turnaround. Then when you do get Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo and Christina Augilera’s attention, you have to sit and pick in a TV millisecond which one you think is going to lead you to the top, keeping in mind that they have a team of 16 hopefuls to concentrate on as well.

So who do you pick? Adam because he’s a hot hit maker, the current champ Country man, a true music man or the pop diva? They all have good qualities, but it all depends on what style of music you are and what your goals are, so who would I choose? Let’s take a look at what they offer…

If I wanted to make continuous hits longer than a year I’d look at Adam and never pay attention to any of the other coaches. Maroon 5 has been consistent with chart topping songs since 2002. Levine has even proven his ability to be a leading man in a band as well as a solo act. He even had his own record label and signed last year’s Tony Lucca. Music aside, Adam is also a force to be reckoned with the help of a face and body that’s smoldering. So working with him during the duration of The Voice would offer not only a potential lasting career, but a good view.

Country music has a solid fan base that puts Bieber mania to shame. So going with Blake ensures his fans casting a vote my way. Also, if you watch the show, Blake has the best personality of all the judges. He’s hilarious, even if he doesn’t realize sometimes we’re laughing at him and not with him. Team Blake would be a riot and a possible repeat win based on last year’s results.

Cee-Lo has creepy little limbs and may be a pervert at times, but his skills behind the scenes is what sells him. He’s not just an artist; he’s a master of the craft. Plus being with him means meeting his parrot friend.

Oh Christina, not since Paula Abdul’s last couple seasons on Idol has there been a singing competition personality we all thought was sipping on more than the approved on camera beverage. She can sing and is all about the runs. That’s all the girl can ever muster up the words to talk about. Well that and if she wants private shows…Team X-Tina might be the party to be at, but I’m not sure one should be having that much fun when focusing on winning.

All four offer something different, but the results are in. While I grew up with Christina’s music, love that parrot and want to have private time with Adam, I’d proudly be a part of Team Blake if all four judges happen to turn around to me amazing rendition of Miley Cryrus’ “7 Things.”