Every year Entertainment Weekly brings casts from the past back together for a reunion issue. This year fanatics’ hearts fluttered as familiar faces from St. Elsewhere, Arrested Development, Melrose Place and more were featured. Why? Because even when the movie stops playing or that TV show airs its finale, fans never stop loving the characters and the actors who played them. FOX celebrated 25 years on the air this year by bringing together casts of their most popular and influential shows like Married With Children and In Living Color. And Cheers marked their 30th anniversary with a huge get together.

It’s fine and dandy when shows come together, and you’ll watch for the nostalgia, but where are the shows that people in their 20’s and early 30’s watched religiously growing up? It’d be nice to know how Zack and Kelly from Saved By The Bell are doing, if Shawn from Boy Meets World ever married Angela, how the Power Rangers never got discovered and so much more. So let’s take a look at shows that are long overdue for either reunion specials or at least one more episode to let fan know how their beloved characters are doing.

My So Called Life (1994-1995)
A huge part of the 90’s was angst and My So Called Life milked that dry. In just one season it was able to capture teens and tweens alike. It’d be nice to know what Jordan Catalano is doing today, but it’s wise to assume that both Jared Leto and Claire Danes wouldn’t want to get back into those characters. So sadly the most one could ever hope for from this cast is a nice retrospective special.

Boy Meets World (1993-2000)
After years of reality trash, MTV did something worthwhile by getting BMW in syndication. Every morning fans can relive the tales of the mediocre Cory Matthews as he goes from a simple-minded boy in middle school to a spastic man in college. In seven years on ABC’s TGIF, Cory, Shawn and Topanga dealt with everything from love to death and anything in between. It ended with the gang heading off to New York, so instead of the cast getting together and just talking about the show, BMW deserves an episode that lets fans know where the characters are today. Plus, the world needs more Mr. Feeny knowledge in it. Fortunately, there has been a spin-off series planned called Girl Meets World featuring Cory and Topanga’s daughter.

Seinfeld (1990-1998)
While Seinfeld wasn’t necessarily a young people show, it is regarded as one of the top shows of the 90’s, so to leave it out of the loop would be against some kind of law. It was pegged the show about nothing and it was. It was just a group of adults who weren’t that great looking, ate at the same place time and time again, and made the term “yada yada” very popular. Since Seinfeld is such a pop culture phenomenon it’d be nice to see the cast back for a nice sit down to discuss its impact on TV history. Fortunately, we got a glimpse of this in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003)
“I don’t want to wait…” for this reunion any longer is what most Dawson’s Creek fans are thinking. It’s been almost a decade since Dawson cried over Joey, so why not James Van Der Beek do it again? He recently scored big with a role on Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 as an overdramatic version of himself. Since then there has been a lot of talk about having everyone from the Creek guest star on the show. Fingers crossed Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams and even Katie Holmes are up for what would be an amazing walk down memory lane.

Daria (1997-2001)
A cartoon? Yup. Daria might have only been 2D, but she was as real as her fans wanted her to be. MTV knew what they were doing when they drew this one up. They were creating a girl that their “outcast” viewers could grab hold of, and to this day many haven’t let go. It would be easy to animate a special to let everyone know not only how Daria made it through the 2000’s, but if Trent’s band ever made anywhere, what kind of art Jane got into and if Brittany and Kevin were really meant to be. But some things are better left unsaid, that’s why the people at MTV need to put down their work on future Teen Moms and make some calls to the cast and crew of Daria for a nice little special about the show.

Saved By The Bell (1989-1993)
Freeze frame. Oh Zack Morris, where would the world be without you? Most likely dismal. People magazine was able to get five of the six from SBTB together for a cover special a few years ago, but without Screech it’s not the same. Yes, he was a douche on Celebrity Fit Club but SBTB wouldn’t have been what it is without him. SBTB was great at doing specials for these guys back in the 90’s, and since they seem to still be on good terms (Screech…iffy), it’d be amazing for them to do an episode to touch on Zack and Kelly…Did their marriage last? Is Lisa still a fashionista? Who had kids? Who didn’t? see these are the burning questions one simple episode would answer.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1996)
As dorky as this one may sound, if you were young in the years MMPR was popular and didn’t watch, well you had a horrible childhood. They were a multicultural group of teenagers picked to save the world, and they wore such convenient every day clothes that matched their Power Ranger gear colors. 2013 will mark the 20th anniversary for the show, and while Power Rangers continues to make new episodes for new generations, they ain’t Mighty Morphin. There’s a Power Ranger Convention that does bring the cast together for panel discussions, but they’ve never had all the original Rangers at one time. And for year 20? They have to go bigger and head to TV. Come on Nickelodeon, do it.