Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the girls had a challenge on horseback, trying out to be the face of an advertisement for the Jamaica Tourism Board. The models also had a photo shoot for the America’s Next Top Model “Dream Come True” perfume. Kiara was the challenge winner and she got best photo; Nastasia was eliminated.

The episode opens Tyra in some kind of weird corset with a ruffled collar, explaining that the final runway show will be at Rose Hall house, the most haunted house in Jamaica. All the eliminated girls come back to walk in the show, and Sophie Sumner, winner of America’s Top Model: British Invasion, is back to help open the show. Yeah, I love Sophie, I missed that cute little British bird. British bird, that sounds very British sounding, I just hope it’s not like, an insult over there. You know what fanny means over there, right?

Okay, so they’re kind of doing everything in reverse. Everyone is waiting in the audience for the runway show while Tyra explains what the girls have been up to. Previously, Laura, Leila, and Kiara had a Nine West photo shoot. Jez Smith is the photographer, and Kelly Cutrone is on hand too. Nine West is Kelly’s client, so she’s on set the whole time giving her two cents to Jez Smith. Kelly and Jez kind of go at it during Laura’s shoot, and it almost seems like they’re fake fighting. It’s really unprofessional the way they are arguing. Anyway, so Laura makes it about herself and starts crying because she doesn’t want it to ruin her chances of winning America’s Next Top Model.

Next the girls shot their spreads for Nylon Magazine for if they win. Jimmy Fontaine is the photographer. While on their shoots, the girls are surprised by special guests. Laura’s mom and dad show up; Leila’s mom comes; and Kiara’s grandma shows up.

Flash forward to the fashion show. It starts with a little vignette of the girls arriving at the haunted house with Rob Evans (of course). Sophie plays a ghost who lures Rob into her bedroom, where she proceeds to caress his face as he sleeps, lawl. Rob wakes to find the three girls have been pushed down the stairs by Sophie, and now they’re ghosts too. And then they make all of the audience put on masks, and it’s creepy.

Laura, Leila, and Kiara all have these weird headpieces that make it hard for them to see where they’re going. And Leila falls on the stairs! Oh no! And then she falls off the stage! And everyone thinks she hurt her foot. But she’s okay. Kiara gets into her second outfit, and she starts freaking out, but Johnny Wujek calms her down. The rest of the runway show pretty much goes off without a hitch (Leila doesn’t fall on her second walk, woo).

At panel, the judges are scoring the models’ body of work, plus their average fan votes and average challenge scores from the entire competition will be factored in. Kiara definitely gets the best score for the runway show, but Leila seems to get the best photo for the Nine West shoot.

LauraKelly: 9, Tyra: 9, Rob: 10, Challenge: 7.6, Social Media: 5.6

KiaraKelly: 8, Tyra: 7, Rob: 9, Challenge: 8.3, Social Media: 4.3

LeilaKelly: 8, Tyra: 8, Rob: 7, Challenge: 6.7, Social Media: 5.5

Three beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but only one of them can be America’s Next Top Model.

3. Leila – 35.2

2. Kiara – 36.6

And the winner is:

1. Laura – 41.2

Wow, I am honestly shocked. I thought she was the weakest of the three girls. She’s so commercial, weak, and overly sexy. I blame this on Rob Evans. That sexy, sexy man. It’s all his fault. Really? He gave Laura a 10 on all her photos? Come on, Rob! Anyway, that’s that. Laura is America’s new Top Model. By the way, they’re now casting girls AND GUYS for Cycle 20…I can’t wait! And if they do the social media thing again, I am definitely voting online.