With every year come new lists that cause a multitude of conversations. Forbes lets us know who’s making the most, TIME gives us the most influential people and People tells us which men are the most eye candy worthy. Years from now when you’re bored one night and wondering who was considered the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2012, you’ll find Channing Tatum’s name. When 2012 started he was in almost every movie that opened, and ended his box office reign early in June with Magic Mike – which caused a lot of ladies’ nights and hormonal overloads. That movie alone is a good reason he got the coveted title, but did he deserve it? With that perfect form, romantic essence and funny bone, hell yeah he deserved it. But there were some other men on the list of 186 that gave him some strong competition.

This list is obviously compiled of not only the hottest men in the world, but the ones who made the moist noise throughout the year. With that said, Chris Hemsworth is a man who might’ve taken the top award over Channing. He not only smashed box office records as Thor in The Avengers, but he was the breakout star in Snow White and The Huntsman because when it’s him and Kristen Stewart, even straight men are looking at those glorious arms of his. Oh, and he had the surprise hit Cabin in the Woods. It’s safe to say Hemsworth was working as much as Tatum, so why wasn’t he top dog? Tatum covered more genre bases. Hemsworth had action and scary, but Tatum had romance, comedy and drama this year.

Ashton Kutcher might not have worked as much as Hemsworth, but he isn’t doing too bad as TV’s highest paid actor. Ever since he swooped in to help save Two and a Half Men after Charlie Sheen went on his “winning” spree, Ashton has been on everyone’s radar again. Yeah, he was doing movies before, but nobody was watching them. TV is where Kutcher thrives and shines as the shirtless billionaire Walden on Men. Unfortunately his high TV salary and even higher profile relationship with former That 70’s Show co-star, Mila Kunis, wasn’t enough to make him hotter than Tatum this year. Tatum also has a high paycheck and a beautiful lady by his side.

Kutcher and Hemsworth have had movies out this year, so it’s a given they would be high up to beat out Tatum, but even though Ryan Gosling wasn’t all over the place in 2012, that really doesn’t matter. He is forever held as the epitome of boyfriend perfection thanks to 2004’s The Notebook. He can play any role, sing and has a body that makes girls think him in a t-shirt should be illegal. Last year when Gosling lost the “Sexiest” title to Bradley Cooper, there was a bit of a backlash because Gosling was everywhere that year in movies like Drive and Crazy, Stupid, Love. And come on? Look at him compared to Cooper… no contest. But People wasn’t wrong to put Gosling on hold this year. Chances are he might get it in 2013, and it’ll be long overdue.

There were some worthy opponents that could’ve easily been on top, but Chris Hemsworth failed to break out of the beefy action star box, Ashton Kutcher was only on TV and Ryan Gosling was quiet this year. Channing Tatum might not be everyone’s idea of eye candy, but he worked harder than his abs to reign supreme as People’s 2012 “Sexiest Man Alive.”