And we’re back, after a week off for some election or something. After the inevitable Halloween episode, this week centers around over half the apartment suffering from emotional PMS. Ok, Jess has ACTUAL PMS, but that’s neither here no there. And yes, some times it really does feel like a fat man sitting on your uterus, guys! Nick is just realizing he has anger problems and finds comfort by talking to an old Asian man on a park bench.Only Nick. Although the old man doesn’t say a word, he provides comforting sounding board for Nick. Later on, they share a peaceful water bath and all is forgiven.

Moving on, Jess refuses to get up, update her resume, and get a job, blaming her surf of the crimson wave for the problems. We’ve all been there honey. Winston is convinced that Jess’s PMS has rubbed off on him, hilariously. Finally, something for Winston do to! Become a woman!

When Jess actually does make it to an interview, she predictably pulls a Jess, cries about a dog named Boo Radley and leaves. This where Jess’s character becomes exasperating. She’s an amazing, if not emotionally stunted young woman. She’s gorgeous, but clumsy. She’s smart, but not street smart. If only she could pull it together. It’s these “flawed” women on television and in movies that feel so contrived it’s almost too much. Of course, Nick convinces her to join him in the healing water. Nice bathing suit, Jess! It’s of course, a vintage Betty Boop style.

Meanwhile, in your weekly Robbie-Schmidt-Cece love triangle, the three share a hangout with Cece realizing that she’s not the good girl Robbie thinks she is. Cece and Schmidt share a forbidden kiss, and Cece realizes she *is* the nice girl after all. While I admit it was nice to see the two back together— if ever so briefly—both characters have grown up and moved on. Cece needed a Schmidt in her life at one point, but now she’s moved on to something that she believes–even if we don’t believe— is better. And you have to applaud that. Helping out Schmidt in getting over Cece, Carla Gugino guest starts as Schmidt’s sexually liberated boss. It’s good to see her back on the small screen and causing mischief.

In the end, Jess gets a teaching job! Teaching creative writing for adults. The jokes write themselves. With the gang happy about Jess’s new gig, they go to cheer up Winston, who discovers that he indeed does not have PMS. But guess what Winston? There’s an old Asian man and a healing water bath for you too!

Menzies is a good mix of character growth and plot with nonsensical humor we’ve come to love in New Girl. The writers manage to take something serious: Jess’s job loss, PMS, Winston’s problems, Nick’s anger, and Schmidt’s Cece longing and turn it all into delightful comedy that we can relate too. Sure, the Robbie-Cece relationship seems bogus and the Jess-Nick arc completely disappeared. But you have to give credit to show for finding the funny in the little things and making it feel real.