Just your typical day in Revenge land… a wedding, a framing and some seriously killer attire.

Starting with the scam du jour, Emily (Emily Van Camp) covers Amanda’s tracks, going through details of the lengthy scar removal (including photos!) to make sure Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to his tabloid-y accusations. Treadwell still pushes, trying to lure Amanda (Margarita Levieva) into revealing more about the Grayson, but Amanda turns the tables, throwing him a bone. Naturally it’s all a trap to totally destroy Treadwell, but not before a few other bodies are (literally) thrown in his path.

‘Ol Mason wanders over to Gordon Muphy’s trailer, finding the newly thawed mystery man sitting dead as a doornail with Conrad Grayson’s missing cufflink conveniently at his lifeless feet. Naturally this was staged entirely by Emily who apparently has super human strength.

Cara Clarke (Jennifer Jason Leigh) continues to teeter on soap opera creepy, sidling up to Victoria in her bedroom, languidly talking about her upcoming nuptuals while prying for details about her secret husband, Gordon Murphy/The White Haired Man. Thankfully her part was minimal this episode as clearly the Botox is taking its toll.

Emily continues to spy on well, everyone, including Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) as they discuss Nolcorp and David Clark’s involvement and whether or not it’s technically property of Grayson Global. But since all of Clark’s documents are MIA, it seems to be a bit of a stalemate. Aiden tries to smarm his way into the fold, but continues to be met by icy Hamptonies. Oh, and in the midst of all the deception and drama, Jack pulls a 180 and asks Amanda to marry him. His change of heart isn’t fully sussed out. Next!

The wedding itself is, of course, a lavish affair filled with Gossip Girl-worthy ensembles. But just when things look all tulle and crisp tuxedo shirt perfect, Treadwell brings a gaggle of cops to Grayson manor to confirm that Conrad is behind the murder of The White Haired Man. Quickly in cuffs, Conrad immediately blames Vicky for his framing, and Mason happily laps it all up. But just when Emily thinks she has everything wrapped up nicely, Victoria lets it slip to Mason that she was “just a juvie girl.” Aaaand the wheels turn. That simple off handed statement leads to a serious revelation, which will lead to someone’s demise… but will it be Emily’s?


Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9:00 PM Pacific on ABC.