True to its soapy foundation, the past lives of the “Revenge” players prove to be even more sordid than their present. We meet Victoria’s scheming mother, Marion (Adrienne Barbeau) way back in 2006 and with that, Vic’s gold digging lineage. Now that mom is on hubby number four-ish, it’s time for Victoria to spill the beans on some serious f-ed up s’ that went down on their last Thanksgiving together. Turns out mommy dearest made her daughter an accessory in the murder of a wealthy man. Not surprisingly, Vicky (Madeleine Stow) gets the last laugh, throwing her own mother out on the street.

Emily (Emily Van Camp) and Aiden’s first meeting revolves around the same Russian gangster-types, Aiden tending bar and Emily infiltrating the ring of baddies at the behest of Tanaka. Far from her uppity present day image, Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) was once a high-end prostitute, only to be saved by a benevolent stranger (Emily herself!) and a wad of cash to aid her escape from certain death at the hands of a creepy Russian dude. After saving one of them from Aiden’s bullet (apparently he was attempting to avenge his sister), Emily in turns saves Aiden (Barry Sloan) and gains some valuable intel to learn more about the bombing that was pinned on her father. Turns out his dad was a baggage handler that took the rap for the bomb making it onto the plane.

Back at the bar, Jack’s stereotypically cranky Irish dad is up to no good, complete with Molotov cocktails, a gun and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Turns out ol’ Jack Sr. was in deep with some baddies, something which clearly hasn’t changed. Right as one of the loan sharks was paid off, a dockworker moves out of the shadows and shoots him (more revenge!). This eventually links up to present day and the current shady fellow trying to steal away the bar from the Porters.

Turns out Daniel once dabbled in the arts, once considering a major in Creative Writing, much to Conrad’s slightly hilarious muted horror. In a moment of chuckle-worthy melodrama, Connie burns his son’s poetry and plots to ensure Daniel will abandon his dreams in order to secure his future at Grayson Global. Of course, this is leading to the possible undoing of multiple parties, but time will tell for sure.

Finally, at the fledgeling Nolcorp, looks like 2006 was the year they went public and Nolan had a relationship with his CFO. Things get a little awkward when an offshore account runs dry and Nolan can’t reveal the truth… until he does. Turns out he turned over the money to Emily, since it was kind of rightfully hers and all. The scorned CFO returns after he receives a call from Daniel (Joshua Bowman) himself, putting Nolcorp in another precarious place.

Tune in next week for the winter finale!

Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9:00 PM Pacific on ABC.