The secondary story lines are getting a little snoozy, so let’s get them out of the way. Emily gives Aiden (Barry Sloan) 24 hours to put Daniel (Jason Bowman) at the head of Grayson Global, trying to ensure that The Initiative and Victoria don’t get in their way. Vic and Conrad try to plot against the mysterious org, perhaps by playing dead until the moment is perfect? And Team Shady is still lurking around, trying to swindle the bar away from Jack and Declan.

Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) drops into Emily’s beach house, blatantly flaunting his knowledge of Emily/Amanda’s past this time throwing in a twist that there was a little romance between the two. Cara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) finally slinks out of Grayson Manor, but not before being cornered by Daniel trying to suss out a little more info on David Clarke’s work with the company. Aiden takes his claws over to Nolcorp, essentially forcing Nolan to turn over proof that David Clark was, in fact, the investor thus tying him to Grayson Global THUS making Grayson Global the HBIC of Nolcorp.

Meanwhile, Jack (Nick Wechlser) settles into his role as father and groom to be, indulging Amanda’s wedding fantasies. Treadwell worms his way into the happy tableau, teasing Amanda with the story that he knows of the sapphic affair between the girls. But rather than helping the girls come together, Mason has driven a nice little wedge between them. Emily (again) takes the lead, demanding Amanda cancel lunch. Buuuut Amanda shows up anyway, ready to give up some dirt on ol’ Em’. But since nothing is as it seems in Revenge-land, Amanda was actually bent on offing Mason, only to be saved by Emily at the last minute.

In yet another twist (still following?), Emily reveals her true identity to Mason. Why the sudden change of heart? Will she manipulate the writer into exonerating her father with his best selling books? But Treadwell goes rogue, intercepting Cara Clarke at JFK, revealing the nasty truth behind the past sullying of her late husband’s name. Let’s see… crazy lady off her meds, upsetting news? I smell more drama! Somehow Cara gets a gun and quickly has Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad (Henry Czerny) held hostage.

Shortly before Aiden chloroforms dear Cara, Vic confesses that Cara’s second husband Gordon/The White Haired Man in fact killed David Clarke. The whole resolution is over in the blink of an eye- suddenly Cara is sent on her merry way and Emily returns to her increasingly nefarious plots.

Emily visits Mason in jail (oh yeah, he was arrested for the murder of Gordon), insisting he plead guilty and avoid a trial while she holds the one key to his exoneration over his head- her confession. Essentially, she black mails into writing the book that will clear her father’s name and set her free. But will he do it?

Stay tuned!


Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9:00 PM Pacific on ABC.