Hmmm, I had predisposition about this week’s episode of Supernatural based upon the preview.  However, I was in for a new trick and treat.  This week’s episode of Supernatural “Hunteri Heroici”, writer Andrew Dabb decided to give the angel Castiel (Misha Collins) a new job or new role in the series, a hunter.  “Hunteri Heroici” opens with two lovers meeting in the park.  The man is an adulterer but we later learn he is in an open marriage.  The man’s heart begins to beat louder and faster and finally explodes from his chest due to the excitement that he feels for his mistress.  Yet the ambiance of the uncanny does not stem from a normal human heart exploding, instead we witness the shape of a symbolic heart protruding and then exploding from the man’s chest.

Castiel discovers the new case and informs the Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that he’s going to be their third Musketeer as a hunter.  While at the morgue, Sam has a flashback about the brief life he had with Amelia (Liane Balaban)—the time when he met her dad.  The next uncanny occurrence is when a suicide jumper steps off a building but doesn’t fall to his death, at least not immediately.  During the ‘hang time’ the jumper becomes excited that he has not plummeted to the ground, shouting “it’s a miracle” and then jumper falls to his death.  During another flashback, Amelia’s father tells Sam that he senses that Sam is hiding and running from his past and not to lead on Amelia.

For the record, Castiel is only funny when he is not trying to be funny. More specifically, Cas is funny when he expresses the brutal truth of a tragic or melancholic situation or when he misunderstands a truly comic human and cultural reference.  The funniest scene is when Cas analyzes the Roadrunner cartoon claiming that the roadrunner is God and the coyote is man.

Now, Dabb was quite clever in this episode of the show presenting the audience with a supernaturally horrific case based on cartoon motifs and references.  Genius! More importantly, Dabb presents a creative strategic form of telling the horror/supernatural story.  The Winchesters and Castiel aren’t chasing some supernatural creature, but an old friend of the family, Fred.  Sam informs us that Fred is psychokinetic.  The freakish part is that Fred is now a medicated senior citizen in a convalescent home.  Fred’s psychokineis has taken over reality and caused the misfortunate events of cartoon episodes such as Bugg’s Bunny, The Roadrunner, to name a few to play out in real time.  However, turns out the real culprit is ‘the evil doctor’, a Dr. Mahoney of the psych ward where Fred Jones is a patient.  Dr. Mahoney uses Fred’s ability to steal from his patients and rob banks.  Cas zaps himself and Sam inside of Fred’s mind.  Fred is living in cartoon land and.  We along with Cas and Sam not only visit the land of cartoons but Fred’s mind also consists of static television and the color barcode channel.  Eventually, Sam talks Fred into taking control of his illusionary mind and to return to reality.  Fred uses his psychokinetic power to force Dr. Mahoney to kill himself.

In Sam’s final flashback of the episode, we discover that while Amelia’s dad is visiting her and Sam, Amelia gets the call that her supposedly dead husband is alive. After solving the case, is psychokinetically summoned to heaven and is informed that he is only allowed to return to heaven when he is summoned.  He is told while he remains on earth he may do as he pleases.  Cas tells the Winchesters that he will stay and watch over Fred Jones for any changes.  While Cas as a hunter seems beneficial, I feel that Cas should be “the new Bobbie” yet for an angel he is fairly unknowledgeable on the unholy entities of the supernatural.  The theme of the episode is that we can’t run from our past—behaviors, mistakes, and people come back and haunt us until we face them head on.

Next week it’s blood brother against blood brother.