I finally figured it out; Supernatural’s staying power has the same principle or subplot that fueled viewers’ attraction to the television series Charmed—the melodramaness of sibling rivalry.  This week’s episode “Southern Comfort” takes us to Kearny, Missouri and begins with the usual hook—a bloody scene displaying violence and gore—as an irate house wife who has been possessed by a spirit returns home, gets into the car that her husband is underneath repairing, and runs him over killing him.  Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) upon hearing about the new case get into the usual argument of let’s talk about how ‘Dean you’re not treating me fair’, ‘Dean you’re not communicating’, ‘Sam keep putting others before your own brother’ ‘Sam your judgment is slipping’, ‘No, Dean your judgment is slipping’.

Garth Fitzgerald IV (DJ Qualls) returns to the show and beats Sam and Dean to the crime scene of the new case perpetrating a Texas Ranger.  DJ is always an excellent choice for good ole comic relief.  Garth, who has now taken on the role as the New Bobbie, makes the calls, offers hunting advice, and functions as the librarian-expert of the supernatural performing research to unveil what type of monster they are fighting this time around.  Garth steps in black ectoplasm instead of the usual green ectoplasm and uncovers that he and the boys are dealing with an avenging spirit.

Sam has another flashback about his time with Amelia (Liane Balaban) the girl he used to avoid his hunting life and left Dean to riot in purgatory for.  Amelia opens up to Sam about her past and her former husband.  Meanwhile, Garth works with Dean to uncover the creature that they are hunting.  Throughout the episode, Garth let’s Dean and Sam know that he is around if they need a shoulder to cry or bitch to about the constant sibling rivalry. But of course macho, Dean is offended by Garth gesture to act as the new Bobbie.  Garth and the Winchester boys ultimately discover that the avenging spirit known as a Spector.  The Spector is a Confederate soldier who killed his brother corporate Vance Collins during the Civil War.  The link or the totem that allows the Spector to reemerge into the mortal world is a penny on a string used for good-luck.  The victims become infected by the Indian Head penny  that avenging spirit that carried during the civil war.  The penny exchanges hands via monetary transactions, the innocent become possessed, and attack those victims they have a rival with or unfinished business.

Being hunters of the supernatural and brothers constantly bickering at one another, the avenging ghost knows the Winchesters are a threat and directly gives the Indian Head penny to Dean.  Naturally, Dean and Sam have it out and Dean attempts to kill Sam.   Damn those foreign coins that get mistaken for American currency.  Dean finally admits during his enraged possession that Benny the vampire (Ty Olsson) has been more of a brother to him than Sam has ever been.  Garth manages to remove the cursed penny from Dean and they destroy the totem.  Sam has another flashback of his brief life with Amelia.  While, Garth has pep-talk with Dean about how important his relationship is with his brother Sam and they should hold on to family.  After finishing the job, Sam tells Dean that if he doesn’t end his spells of “high and mighty” judgments towards him then they should go their separate ways.  “Balls!” Garth as the new Bobbi, is good for the show.  It’s very own Dr. Phil.