Previously, on The Vampire Diaries: Connor the vampire hunter took Jeremy and Matt hostage, and Elena ended up killing him. Professor Shane tried hypnotizing Bonnie into practicing magic again. Damon found out about the “vampire cure” that Klaus is searching for and Caroline found out the truth about Tyler and Hayley. Jeremy started seeing the “hunters mark” appear on his arm and Elena started to hallucinate.

The episode opens with Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) tossing and turning in her sleep. She gets up and makes herself some sleep but is interrupted by hallucinations of Connor the vampire hunter (no relation to Buffy). She tells him that he’s not there and that she’s dreaming, but he talks back to her…sassy ghost. Connor starts to fight Elena and she ends up stabbing him in the neck with a knife, but then he turns into Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen). Yeah, Elena stabbed her own brother in the neck. Luckily, he’s wearing the family “bring you back to life when you get killed” ring.

While Jeremy is still dead, Elena calls Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). Damon says that she should’ve called Stefan, but Elena says she doesn’t want to call Stefan because he’s been lying to her about stuff, including compelling Jeremy to forget God knows what. At that moment, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) shows up and Damon admits that he called him. Elena goes upstairs just as Jeremy wakes up. Stefan follows Elena upstairs and Elena says she doesn’t want his help because he’s been working with Klaus. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him or be around him, and that she just killed her brother, so she’s not in the mood to hear him explain himself.

Hayley is still at the Lockwood house mansion, and a hybrid is pouring her vodka. Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) walks in and asks if they can celebrate their fallen hybrid comrade somewhere else…like a bar? Klaus (Joseph Morgan) walks in and says he had “popped around” to celebrate Dean’s retrieval of Connor the vampire hunter (no relation to Buffy), but he found out that Elena killed him instead. Tyler asks why he cares that Connor is dead, and Klaus says he has his reasons.

Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) shows up with Tyler’s stuff, and Klaus tells Caroline he assumes she’s met Hayley. Klaus and his hybrids leave but leave Hayley. Once they’re all gone, Caroline asks Hayley if she thinks he bought it. Caroline and Tyler kiss…it was all a ruse.

Elena is in the shower, contemplating, when all of a sudden she sees blood. Klaus calls Stefan, and Stefan says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Klaus says Connor was one of five hunters, and it may take centuries, but they’ll find another one. Klaus asks if Elena’s hallucinations have started yet, and says the hunters were spelled by witches to kill vampires, if you prevent one from fulfilling his destiny, he won’t stop from making you his final kill. Elena needs to go with Klaus or she’ll take her own life by the end of the day. Speaking of which, Connor shows up in Elena’s bedroom. Elena comes downstairs, and Damon has turned into Connor. Elena rushes outside and Klaus whisks her away.

Jeremy is at school, looking at his hunter’s mark, when Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) approaches. Jeremy asks if he sees anything on his hand and Matt says no and then asks if he’s the next chosen one. Professor Shane (David Alpay) and April Young (Grace Phipps) walk up and Shane is his creepy self, asking them all to call him Shane – cuz Professor was his father, he’s cool like the kids. After he awkwardly walks away April asks why he looks so familiar (probably because he’s on every PSA warning you about creepers).

Damon and Stefan are trying to explain to Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) that they “lost” Elena. Although, according to Damon, “lost is a strong word.” Bonnie says she would help if she could, because it’s a witches’ curse, but the spirits won’t let her. Weak sauce! So Stefan says he’s going to go after Elena himself. Stefan calls Caroline to get Tyler to get the rest of the hybrids away from Klaus. Tyler says that Hayley has been helping Chris the hybrid break his sire bond, and that she came to help get the rest of the hybrids un-sired.

Klaus puts Elena in a windowless room to prevent her from taking off her daylight ring and burning herself to death. Klaus says he was tormented by the hunters he killed for 52 years. Elena thinks this is why Klaus wanted to keep Connor alive. Elena asks how he made the hallucinations stop, and he says he didn’t, they eventually just stopped on their own. Klaus leaves and Connor shows up, asking how it felt for her to kill him. He tells her he’s not going to stop until she’s taken her last miserable breath, and that she’s a monster and deserves to die. Elena tells Connor to go away, and then Katherine shows up.

The Professor is putting on some kind of seminar about the occult, and April finally remembers that her father taught a theology seminar at Whitmore College, and that’s how she recognizes Professor Shane. Damon and Bonnie show up, and Bonnie says she’ll bring Shane to Damon.

Katherine asks what Stefan thinks of the new Elena, and Elena tells her to shut up. Ooh, burn. I’m sure she’s never heard that one before in her 200+ years of life. Katherine says that Elena is like her now…maybe worse…and that being a vampire will just make her worse and worse. Once Stefan knew the real Katherine he hated her, and he’s going to hate Elena too.

Damon is waiting in Professor Shane’s dark creepy classroom, and he finds a bottle of booze in his desk. Of course, because nobody can get through this show without drinking. Damon toasts Alaric and says he’s missing all the fun. Ah, I kind of miss Alaric too. (Sarah pours one out for the fictional Alaric Saltzman.) Bonnie walks in with Shane and Damon shows him a picture of the hunter’s mark. He then asks Shane if he knows about the hunter’s curse and Shane asks if he has a dead hunter in the trunk of his car or something. Well, if by “trunk of your car” you mean unmarked grave, then yes, yes they do. Shane says that the legend is if a person kills a hunter that person is cursed until someone new, a potential hunter, takes over the legacy of that hunter.

Klaus is at the Mystic Grill and Caroline shows up asking for Elena back. Klaus says that Elena needs his help; he also lets Caroline know that if Tyler had still been sired to him, he never would have let Tyler hurt Caroline. Chris, the now-unsired-hybrid, lets Stefan in to see Elena, but all she sees is Connor. All of a sudden, she pulls a random sword out and stabs Stefan and then runs out of the room.

Damon calls Jeremy, and Bonnie asks how she didn’t know any of the hunter stuff about Jeremy. Damon says “the witch who loses her powers gets left out of the important conversations.” Lol. Jeremy bursts in and when he asks how he can help Elena, they tell him he has to kill a vampire. Jeremy says, give me a stake I’ll kill Damon right now, and Damon says, “Easy Van Helsing.” This is obviously like the one scene of the episode where they let Damon and his sardonic wit shine. Stefan calls Damon and tells him he lost Elena, then tells Damon to go find her.

Elena is walking with Connor and Katherine on each side, when suddenly she finds herself on the bridge where her parents died. All of a sudden she sees her mom. Her mom says this bridge is where her life should’ve ended, not once but twice, and that she knows exactly what to do. Her mom tells her to take her daylight ring off, so Elena drops it off the bridge. Elena says she can’t leave Jeremy, and her mom says she can be a ghost that helps him. Damon shows up and says they should go talk about things before she does something stupid. As the sun starts to rise, Damon asks where her ring is.

Caroline tells Klaus everything, and Klaus gets mad at Chris for being unsired. Klaus tells Chris he can leave, but then Stefan and Jeremy come in, and Jeremy kills Chris. Right at that moment, his hunter’s mark grows, and Connor disappears from Elena’s consciousness. Elena realizes he’s gone, but then starts to burn up with the sun, so Damon pulls her off the bridge into the water.

Elena wakes up and she has her ring on. Damon asks how she’s feeling and she says she can remember everything – but not clearly, like it was a bad dream. Elena says if it wasn’t for Damon, and grabs his hand. Damon says he’s going to take a high and annoying road, and he tells her that everything Stefan has been doing, he’s been doing for her. And then he tells her there may be a cure for her vampirism, because apparently no one can keep a secret on this show.

Tyler is mad about Chris dying, because they are in the same “pack.” He asks how Caroline got Klaus to agree to give up one of his hybrids, and Caroline says she agreed to go on a date with Klaus. Caroline explains that she thought it would help keep up the ruse between Tyler and Hayley, and Tyler gets more mad.

Damon is drinking with “Alaric” at the Mystic Grill, when Matt approaches and says he dug up some stuff on the explosion at the Young Farm that he needs to tell someone about. Turns out Pastor Young called Professor Shane 10 times the day of the explosion. In the meantime, Bonnie asks the Professor how she knows all this stuff about supernatural things, and the Professor says when their new hunter completes his mark she’s going to want to come to him – because he’ll be the only one who can help.

Stefan shows up at the Gilbert house, and Elena’s like, um, sorry I stabbed you. Man, if she had a nickel for every time she had to say that. Elena asks why Stefan sent Damon to find her, and he says that lately Damon is able to get through to Elena in ways that he can’t. Elena says she wants nothing more than to get the old Elena back, because the new Elena is darker and different in what she wants. And who you want, says Stefan. Elena says that things are different between her and Damon, and that all her feelings that she felt for Damon before she became a vampire have been magnified. Stefan says that he can’t do this anymore, and Elena says she knows. The episode closes with them just sitting side by side on the porch…awww, so sad. But now Damon and Elena can finally be together! Go Team Delena!

Next time, on The Vampire Diaries: Elena and Stefan break up! OMG!!!!