Tonight was the first results show, where one contestant from each category would be eliminated. But first, the judges would each pick two from their own category to go directly into the top 12. Then, the two acts not chosen would have to sing for the judges again, and only one would get to continue on in the live shows, while the other was sent home.

First up were Demi’s Young Adults. After an intro for each contestant, Demi decided who she wanted to send through: Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas. First to sing was CeCe, who belted out “Out Here On My Own” from Fame. L.A. said “I’m not all that familiar with the song, but it sounded good.” Britney said, “I felt like you had an identity crisis [last night],” and compared her to Kesha. Simon agreed, saying, “Why didn’t you do something like this last night?”

Then it was Willie’s turn: the country crooner sang “You Don’t Know Me” by Ray Charles. L.A. said, “You’re really, really unique.” Britney said, “I’m not sure where you fit in.” Simon said, “If we could capture what you brought to the first audition, I think you could have a real future.” So both had contestants had gone, and Demi had to choose. She decided to send home Willie, which I personally thought was a bad decision. She did tell him, “I believe in you, though.”

Next it was the Over 25s turn. L.A. picked Vino Alan, followed by Tate Stevens. So both of them were safe, but the fate of David Correy was still to be decided. He sang Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone,” and Britney said, “You blew us away.” Demi disagreed, saying “It was way too forced.” Simon said, “It was a little melodramatic.” Mario comforted him, saying “We can really see how passionate you are.”

Jason Brock took the stage next, singing “One Moment in Time,” by the late Whitney Houston, and I thought he was incredible. Britney said, “Today you turned me into a real fan.” Demi said, “There’s something really genuine about you. You’re just so likeable.” Simon said, “Compared to what you did last night, it was great.” L.A. stalled before sending David home, who looked surprised, before telling everyone it wasn’t the last they’d see of him.

Britney’s Teens were up next, and she had to narrow it down. After saying how proud she was of everyone, she chose Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar. First to sing was Arin Ray, who also sang a Whitney Houston song, “I Look to You.” L.A. said, “You have what it takes. Every time you step behind that mike, I’m impressed.” Demi said, “The second that you started singing, you drew me in.” Simon said, “For you to leave the competition now would be a huge mistake.”

Then it was Diamond White’s turn. She sang “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” by Elton John. L.A. said, “You give me chill bumps. You have a real future.” Demi said, “I saw the soul and the fire behind your eyes.” Britney said, “You should be proud of this performance.” Simon seemed torn between her and Arin. So Britney was faced with the tough decision, and she regretfully chose to send Diamond home.

Finally, it was time for the Groups. Simon wasn’t ready to make a decision, but he had to, so he picked Emblem3, followed by Lyric 145. First to sing for their lives was Sister C, tackling “When I Look At You,” by Miley Cyrus. L.A. said, “That time you got it right.” Britney said, “I feel like you guys really want this.” Demi said, “Your voices sound phenomenal. I can’t wait to hear more from you.”

The last performance of the night was 1432, who pulled a surprising move, and sang Demi’s own hit “Skyscraper.” L.A. said, “You did it. I’m proud.” Britney said, “You guys definitely made me a believer.” Demi joked, “I don’t know who that song is by, but regardless, you did better than the original [singer].” It was all up to Simon for the final spot, and he chose to send home Sister C, and told 1432 that another name change was in order.

Next Wednesday, the top 12 will perform!