I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! For two contestants, there was a little less to be thankful for, as last night’s episode featured yet another double elimination.

After a recap of the previous nights’ performances, there was a touching dedication to an inner-city middle school music program. Best Buy donated a bunch of music equipment and technology, and the X-Factor cast invited the school choir to come and sing with them on the show. They sang Coldplay’s “Fix You”, and it was just about the cutest thing on this show, if not ever.

Then, Mario and Khloe announced that the first contestant to leave would be Teen Arin Ray. Britney said to him, “I think you should take this as a learning experience.” Arin has had the same perpetually pissed off look on his face since Wednesday’s show, when he quite a few negative comments, so I was surprised or particularly upset to see him leave.

Tonight’s musical guest was Cher Lloyd, who got her start on the UK X-Factor. She sang her new single “Oath,” and was joined on stage by Becky G, who also sings on the track. The girl is a great performer: she sang, rapped, danced, and beamed at everyone.

With the first 35 minutes down, the remaining 9 acts were introduced along with their mentors. Mario then announced who was safe: Teen Diamond White, Over 25 Vino Alan, Teen Carly Rose Sonenclar, Group Fifth Harmony, Over 25 Tate Stevens, Young Adult Paige Thomas and Group Emblem3.

So for the second time, Young Adult Cece Frey was in the bottom two, along with Teen Beatrice Miller. Cece was up first, and she sang “Because of You,” by Kelly Clarkson. It was definitely a good fit for her, but her voice sounded strained at times.

Beatrice took the stage then, and she chose to sing “White Flag,” by Dido. I thought it was a good choice for her unique voice, but she was crying as she was singing, and it definitely hindered her performance. Cece came out on stage to hear the results, and hugged the still-sobbing Beatrice for a long time.

Then it was time to hear what the judges had to say. Demi went first, and predictably, she chose to send home Beatrice. Britney was next, and she also fought to have her contestant (Beatrice) stay on, by voting to send home Cece. L.A. said, “This is a very, very tough call. I wouldn’t have imagined either of them being in the bottom at this point in the competition. The act that I’m sending home is Beatrice.”

As Cece continued to hold onto and support her competitor, Simon made the final vote. He said, “You know Beatrice, I liked you in the beginning, but I think this is all getting to be too much for you. I don’t think this is the right time for you sweetheart, so I’m sending you home.” The 13-year-old launched into full-on heaving sobs as Cece, Mario and Khloe continued to comfort her. Britney came up on stage and said, “You are so young, you have so far to go. This is just the beginning for you.”

Finally, it was time for the rankings:

8th place: Cece Frey
7th place: Fifth Harmony
6th place: Paige Thomas
5th place: Diamond White
4th place: Emblem3
3rd place: Vino Alan

And, in a slight turn of events, the top two switched places, meaning they were:

2nd place: Tate Stevens
1st place: Carly Rose Sonenclar

I think the results worked out exactly as they should have, for once! Next week, the new top 8 will perform.