Tonight’s show was, as promised, a double-elimination: Two acts were sent home.

After a recap of last night’s performances and judges’ comments, the top 12 came out on stage, and the first act to be sent home was revealed immediately: … oh wait, just kidding, Mario Lopez pulled a Ryan Seacrest and sent us to a commercial break, but without the flair.

But for real, the first act eliminated tonight was hiphop trio Lyric 145. Then, Taylor Swift her song “State of Grace” off of her new album “Red”. So how was it? If I’m being honest, I think that if she was a contestant on this show, and that had been her deadlock performance, she would have been sent home in a heartbeat.

After another break, the judges and their contestants came on stage to find out the rest of the results. Mario announced who was safely through: Teen Arin Ray, Over 25 Vino Alan, Teens Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White, Over 25 Tate Stevens, Group Emblem 3, Teen Beatrice Miller, and Young Adult CeCe Frey. Not surprisingly, we then had to wait for ANOTHER break to find out who would have to sing for the judges.

Group Fifth Harmony was the last act to go straight through, meaning Young Adults Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas would be performing. Jennel was up first, and she sang Hoobastank’s “The Reason.” I thought she was better than Taylor, all things considered, but her voice lately just hasn’t been as good as it was in the beginning of this competition.

Then it was Paige’s turn. The star performer came on stage in a silver, sparkly dress, and she performed a rendition of “Paradise” by Coldplay. I thought she definitely showed that she belongs up there, though it was a bit tough to hear her.

L.A. said, “I think they’re both really, really strong. The act that I’ve decided to send home is Jennel Garcia.” Britney said, “You both have a lot of heart. But the act that I’m sending home is Jennel.” Then Simon refused to say anything until Demi spoke, which got Mario very flustered. Demi didn’t want to go either, but she gave in and chose Paige. When Simon finally spoke, he said “[I know] the act who’s got the most star potential, for me this is a relatively easy decision. So the act I’m sending home is Jennel.”

With a majority vote, Jennel Garcia was sent home. Demi came up on stage and comforted her former mentee, telling her how talented she is and how she’ll make it in the business regardless. After she left, the rest of the contestants took the stage, and the rankings were revealed:

10th place: Paige Thomas (down two spots)
9th place: Arin Ray (up two spots)
8th place: Beatrice Miller (up two spots)
7th place: Diamond White (down three spots)
6th place: Fifth Harmony (down a spot)
5th place: CeCe Frey (up seven spots)
4th place: Emblem3 (up two spots)
3rd place: Vino Alan (same spot)
2nd place: Carly Rose Sonenclar (same spot)
1st place: Tate Stevens (same spot)

Next week is the “Thanksgiving Spectacular” according to Mario, so be sure to tune in and figure out what that entails!